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lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.17

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: lynx-dev lynx2.8.5dev.17
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 19:26:29 -0500
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The current version of lynx is 2.8.4

It's available at
2.8.5 Development & patches:

2004-01-07 (2.8.5dev.17)
* fix initialization of LYlines and LYcols for curses configurations other than
  ncurses which implement pads -TD
* fix ifdef's for alloca(), e.g., on AIX 4 -TD
* fix misspelled LYGetEnv/LYgetenv in DJGPP configuration -DK
* a few portability fixes to allow building on OS/2, AIX, Tru64 and HPUX -TD
* add docs/README.rootcerts -IZ, Stef Caunter, Johannes Hromadka)
* update po files (ca.po, da.po, de.po, et.po, hu.po, ru.po, sv.po, tr.po and
  zh_CN.po) from
* correct some mismatches between INSTALLATION and "configure --help" (prompted
  by discussion with Stef Caunter) -TD
* undef conflicting symbols "small" and FILE_DOES_NOT_EXIST which are
  misdefined in cygwin's w32api headers (report by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
* amend check for refresh-URL to ensure it only prepends a link for text/html
  content type (report by Carlton Anderson).
* do not strip parameters from refresh-URL (report by Carlton Anderson gave an
  example of their use) -TD
* correct logic for resetting count of leading/trailing spaces in S_litteral
  case (report by TH) -TD
* remove obsolete XMOSAIC_HACK defines -TD
* adapted patch by Bjoern Jacke <address@hidden> to ensure that toupper(),
  tolower() and isupper() macros are interpreted in POSIX locale.  This is
  ifdef'd with EXP_ASCII_CTYPES -TD
* improve check for Unix-style shell given in $SHELL by limiting the check to
  the base-name (discussion with GV, DK) -TD
* modify increment_tagged_htline() to reallocate its HTLine parameter if the
  result would be larger than the allocation.  This can happen when a large
  textarea is adjusted (report by Thorsten Glaser)  -TD
* add ifdef'd logic to change HTLine to calloc() rather than memory pools,
  making it possible to use valgrind, etc., for debugging -LP
* modify version shown for SSL to be derived from runtime SSLeay_version()
  function if linked with OpenSSL or SSLeay.  Add corresponding definition
  for GNU TLS (discussion by Frederic L W Meunier, GV) -TD
* add check for broken ProFTPD 1.2.5rc1, e.g., at,
  and force a reconnection if an error 550 is detected when doing RETR.  This
  is ifdef'd with BROKEN_PROFTPD and checks version (reports by GV, DK) -TD
* modify file-upload to not print a warning message if the form-field is empty
  (Frank Heckenbach).
* add a few null-pointer checks to GridText.c (addresses symptoms reported by
  Frederic L W Meunier when nested-tables are toggled off) -TD
* modify LYTrimNewline() to trim carriage-returns as well as line-feeds, making
  it possible to share cookie files between platforms that have different
  line-terminations (report by Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
* change a few configure script defaults to "enable":  source-cache, prettysrc
  and read-eta.  Also change default for read-eta configuration flag to "Show
  KB/Sec" (requests by LP, Frederic L W Meunier) -TD
* modify generated help_files.sed script to fix a couple of cases where the
  intermediate result had more than 2 ".gz" substrings to reduce (reported by
  IZ) -TD
* change configure script to compile-in file-upload by default, change its
  corresponding ifdef to USE_FILE_UPLOAD -TD
* use EXEEXT, OBJEXT substitutions in -TD
* update configure script check for getbegx(), etc -TD
* revert table-layout changes from dev.15/dev.16 because of unresolved
  issues -TD
* add configure option --with-bzlib -TD
* modify bzip2/zlib ifdef's to make them independent -TD
* implement support for bzip compression by internal calls to libbz2 -IZ
* make usage of EDIT_A_PREV_SHORTCUT and EDIT_THE_PREV_SHORTCUT consistent
  (report by LP) -TD
* if a document is in the cache (the rendering is in memory), on reload it
  should not be cleared from the cache until the connection to the server is
  opened; if the connection fails, the user will reuse the old version (request
  by IZ) -LP
* for DJGPP, escape all backslashes in commands given to LYSystem() when
  a Unix-style shell is given in $SHELL -DK, TD
* correct strings in LYOptions.c so ENABLE_LYNXRC works for bookmark_file
  and run_all_execution_links -DK
* modify comparison in USE_CURSES_PAIR_0 ifdef of parse_attributes() to take
  into account the mono-attributes as well.  This fixes a case where a color
  style might have the same color-attributes as the background, and would
  incorrectly fall-through to use the mono-attributes (report by DK) -TD
* rewrote lynx_chg_color() to handle a COLORS value of 16 (report by TH) -TD
* redefine PDCurses' COLORS value to 16, since it incorrectly uses 8.
* add -scrsize option and corresponding SCREEN_SIZE value to lynx.cfg to allow
  lynx's screensize to be specified.  To display background color properly,
  this also requires a patch to PDCurses:
  This requires PDCurses 2.5 and higher -TH
* add a clean-rule to src/chrtrans/makefile.bcb -TD
* fix pathname generated for "View temporary file" in LYDownload.c using new
  function LYAddPathToSave() (report by P.J.Walsh) -TD
* comment-out --enable-libjs option since it is not used -TD
* change code to match lynx.cfg description for FORCE_COOKIE_PROMPT and
  FORCE_SSL_PROMPT, making "prompt" rather than "default" the keyword to use
  when telling lynx to prompt (report by DK) -TD
* really add FORCE_COOKIE_PROMPT setting to lynx.cfg (report by DK) -TD
* change default of configure script options --enable-source-cache and
  --enable-prettysrc to non-experimental to "yes", so they will normally
  be compiled-in, but normally disabled in lynx.cfg (suggested by LP).
* modify configure script and related ifdef's to build with gnutls 0.8.9
  (report by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* modify ifdef's to use mkdtemp() if it is available (prompted by MirBSD
  patch) -TD
* several fixes from Thorsten Glaser (MirBSD):
  + workaround for invoking shell scripts when executable permissions are
    discarded as a result from using CVS.
  + adjust buffer-size used in a readlink() call in case the result is too
    long to include trailing null.
  + change default ftp mode to passive.
  + if ftp connection fails, automatically retry, switching between passive
    and active modes.  Do this retry switching only when connecting to a
    different host.  A new variable ftp_local_passive distinguishes this
    from the user preference in ftp_passive.
  + improved certificate handling (case-insensitive domain-comparison, strip
    port-numbers from comparison).
  + fix a few typos & compiler-warnings.
* add PT154 charset support.  See for more information. 
  (patch by Timur Birsh <address@hidden>)
* integrate some improvements for configure script in CF_BUNDLED_INTL and
  CF_OUR_MESSAGES from tin and dialog -TD
* remove #undef for UTF8 from UCMap.h, rename UTF8 variable, modify configure
  check for slang to test-compile with with the Debian slang-utf8 package -TD
* modify configure script to not use "head -1", which does not work for some
  platforms when POSIXLY_CORRECT (sic) is set -TD
* fix configure script check for term.h, which may be <ncursesw/term.h> -TD
* modify an ifdef in HTCheckForInterrupt() to allow compile with DJGPP -GV
* add docs/README.sslcerts (Stef Caunter <address@hidden>).
* modify LYLocalFileToURL() to allow for CurrentDir() returning a value that
  does not begin with a slash, e.g., with DJGPP which returns a drive-letter
  first -DK
* amend change in dev.15 to HTParse() to escape spaces, to exclude non-URL
  strings such as absolute filenames (report by Patrick Ash) -TD
* modify LYParseTagParam() (added in dev.13) to not stop on ';' (fixes a bug
  reported by LV which broke complicated refresh-URL containing "&amp;") -TD
* change default start page to, since is not
  maintained -TD
* modify HTML_start_element() to work with a case where there is an HREF
  attribute without a value, fixes bug introduced after dev.9, e.g., for
  (also reported by Frederic L W Meunier for -LP
* correct construction of link to temporary filename in download options, did
  not port to DOS-pathnames (report by LP) -TD

Thomas E. Dickey

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