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Re: lynx-dev progress on pre.2

From: Arclele
Subject: Re: lynx-dev progress on pre.2
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 19:33:04 +0100

Il 18/01/04 18.34.37, Thomas Dickey <address@hidden> 
ha scritto:

>He did say "from 2000".  But the discussion is topical.

Can this help? (

"Lynx is a ... and OS/2 EMX.  The  _current developmental 
version (release data)_ is also available for testing."  

Now programmers & mantainers have the "version numbers"
and users have the "last" version.

Or use a "name" like in FreeDos release: programmers
& mantainers have the version numbers, users have the

un Khompagno a un compagno:"e' inutile che esprimi il tuo
consenso,  perche' io  a te  non ti  ho mai visto zappare
la terra", il compagno: "beh, neanche io ti ho visto dove
stavo io, mentre tu zappavi  la terra", il Khompagno "per 
forza  se stavo  a zappare  la terra come  facevo a stare 
dove stavi tu"

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