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Re: lynx-dev What happened to MINGW patch?

From: Frédéric L . W . Meunier
Subject: Re: lynx-dev What happened to MINGW patch?
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 04:58:23 -0200 (BRST)

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:

> # Specifies (in seconds) connect timeout. Default value is rather huge.
> I changed it to 10 and it timed out with
> Alert!: Connection failed (too many retries).
> Alert!: Unable to access document.
> in 10 seconds.
> What I don't understand is why it's set to 18000 by default.
> 10-30 seconds isn't enough ? What are you supposed to do in 30
> minutes ?

I need some coffee. 300 minutes ? 5 hours ?

"When trying to connect to a web site which may be locked up,
lynx will sit there.  Is there a timeout parameter I can set
to, say, 10 sec?"

"The usual approach is to compile with nsl-fork, and press 'z'
when you get bored."

Sure, and if I understand it, with the default value you're
screwed where 'z' doesn't work.


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