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Re: lynx-dev calling lynx from xterm

From: Harland Christofferson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev calling lynx from xterm
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 21:07:31 -0500

>> Tom will be able to give you the correct answer, but my GUESS 
would be
>offhand, no - setting LINES and COLUMNS normally overrides the screensize
>of a curses-based program (slang, too), even if the corresponding 
>are set in the terminfo/termcap.  But that may depend on the system 
- some
>terminfo entries omit lines/columns to bias the application toward
>obtaining that information in another way.
>(I don't see the original email here, just your reply).

the gist of my original email is this: 

i run a script that calls lynx-ssl w/ the -cmd_script option in an 
xterm that is COLUMNS=163 LINES=40 and pipe the stdio to a text file,
i.e., lynx -cmd_script=myscript > output.txt. COLUMNS=163 
LINES=40 environment variables are set by the size of my xterm window.
i want to call this lynx session from a cron job. i need lynx to 
think that the xterm (stdio) window size is at least 163x40 when 
run from crontab. the default values are much smaller than what i 
wish to use. is there a workaround?

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