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lynx-dev Code page problem in Windows XP

From: Victor Schneider
Subject: lynx-dev Code page problem in Windows XP
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 11:20:26 -0600

If you use the Windows version of lynx.exe to go to the following URL


you should find some text that can't be fixed by going to Options in
lynx and changing code pages.  E. g.,

========================================================================= Health & Diet Food Products (49 - 63 of 63) (p8 of 20)

c c
c e="Arb>e="Royal BodyCn"> Director Janice Bullard
Weight    Loss,   Well>(8   Body   BuildingO   Skin   Cn">   BioShape-
tivity-Microhydrin-Celluc -CO More Availal, HOnlleng
(757) 288-9080
(8 ">addndowMy Directory e="A

Email oll-free) a

c e="e

c c
c e="Arb>e="Spor Laboratory Inc
1152 DountIC 0p Avenue, DountIC 0p, MA 02125 e="A

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