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Re: mailing-list problem (Was Re: lynx-dev What happened to MINGW patch?

From: SP-BEI
Subject: Re: mailing-list problem (Was Re: lynx-dev What happened to MINGW patch? (fwd))
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 00:57:30 -0600
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Doug Kaufman wrote:

Is asking us to leave?

No, the list exists under the Verio/NTT radar for the most part. The domain came to Verio along with an acquired company. Legacy ISP mail lists like lynx-dev that aren't tied to paying customer accounts could continue forever or be turned off tomorrow. I would like to see more stability in the list than that. I set up the Lynx project page at Savannah, and then ran out of free time to get the list moved. I found some free time the day before the FSF servers were compromised, but the sands ran out before the damage was un-done. I know that the list is running on cruise control for the most part. I extinguish the big fires when they happen. If robo-moderating the list were an option, that would be better than what we have now. The current list environment doesn't offer that, aside from the lynx-dev-contrib shadow list of "un-subscribed but posting" addresses. I'm open to having additional moderators. We had some in the past, but people are busy and it takes much patience to slog through the spam to find the legitimate postings month after month. It's not surprising that we've had 100% attrition in the ranks of active moderators. I'll go with whatever the Lynx community wants to do. If the decision is to move the list elsewhere, I'll offer what help that I can in keeping the address@hidden alive for as long as possible. Of course the list is just part of the support issue here. Maintaining the list and source archives might also be a goal. I was waiting for someone to step up for that after the non-Gnu project page was created.


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