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Re: lynx-dev lynx, cron and tty

From: Harland Christofferson
Subject: Re: lynx-dev lynx, cron and tty
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:59:56 -0500

At Tuesday, 10 February 2004, you wrote:

>On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Harland Christofferson wrote:
>> i am still wrestling w/ running lynx from a cron job ...
>> i have tried:
>> stty cols 160 rows 80
>stty is likely to be less effective than setting environment variables
>> lynx -cmd_script=myscript > /dev/stty3 > outfile.

i have tried this however w/o success ... this is why i looked into 
piping it through /dev/tty3

in my cron job bash script, i have tried:

export LINES=80
export COLUMNS=160
lynx -cmd_script=myscript > outfile.txt

there has to be something i am overlooking here. the outfile.txt 
has data from the navigation of the website in it. however, it looks 
like the entire web page is piped to the outfile using row and column 
parameters that are much lower than the ones exported. it appears 
that lynx is using parameters for standard output that are  smaller 
than the rows and columns of the webpage. the sizes i have selected 
in the cron job script i know to be sufficient to display an entire 
webpage from this site via lynx. i have seen this when runnin lynx 
in an xterm.

this is an interesting problem to me.

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