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lynx-dev LYNX: cookies=via-ASK: how to make it ask a *second* time (same

From: David Combs
Subject: lynx-dev LYNX: cookies=via-ASK: how to make it ask a *second* time (same url)
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 03:00:18 -0500
User-agent: Mutt/1.4.1i

I want to read an article in the times (UK); I "click" on
it, it asks if I'll allow cookies, I respond "v" (knee-jerk
response to that question), it takes me to a page
about their need for cookies so as to "register" me.

So I back up to the prior page, back were I
started from.

I want to try it again, and answer "yes" this time,
so I again "click" on that same link, and it takes
me straight to that cookies-required page.

Again I back up to that orig page.

I then tried a ^R on the orig page, hoping that
it might reset something.  Nope, no luck.

I went to the options page, changed nothing,
already having cookies the way I want ("ask me"),
but hoping to jostle it a bit, I "clicked" [Anyone know
a better word or short-phrase that works better
for the mouseless-lynx?] that bottom ie final
link that says to store everything.

Nope -- no matter what I do, ie what I can guess 
to do (other than to start a fresh lynx!), trying
to get to london times article takes me 
to tt hat cookie page.

Any suggestions?

*Is* there a way, without starting-up a new lynx,
to get lynx to again ask me if I'll allow a
cookie (for that page)?



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