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[Lynx-dev] A tirade against element "p"

From: Halász Sándor
Subject: [Lynx-dev] A tirade against element "p"
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:50:02 -0500

With Firefox or such style-understanding webbrowser see 
<>, and also 
with Lynx.

I turned this into HTML.

The indenting that one sees in Firefox is functional; it organizes the blocks 
of writing between empty lines into smaller blocks. In Lynx one sees only the 
smaller blocks, with no indenting, and not the grouping into bigger blocks 
(unless one lets "div" be shown).

This shows a basic fault of HTML: it is not possible to nest blocks within 
blocks otherwise than by abusing element "blockquote". Did it never occur to 
anyone that the urge to nest block within block is perfectly valid? And not 
with "div", because "div" has no attributes other than it is at block level. 
The fact is, "p" is like a paragraph, it is nothing but a block-level leaf 
node--an accidental element of structure, that has no place in a 
markup-language. Did they deal with this in HTML5?

See also <>, 
where I organized a bunch of lists after "h2"s into a bigger block, doubtless 
violating their intent (I have an older version of Lynx, for Windows, that does 
not number "ol" within "ol": an inner "ol" ends an outer "ol").


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