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Re: Request to add a new layout for Malayalam

From: Mike FABIAN
Subject: Re: Request to add a new layout for Malayalam
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2023 12:46:42 +0100
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Ajith R <ajithramayyan@yahoo.co.in> さんはかきました:

> Dear Mike,
> Thanks for your reply. Sorry that I didn't read about the reqirement for 
> icons before submitting them. I am attaching the 48x48 pixel icons as 
> desired. Hope these are sufficient,

Yes, these look good. For example they look like this in the input
method switcher:

Attachment: Screenshot-input-method-switcher.png
Description: PNG image

(I have renamed them to the same name as the input methods:

$ ls MIM/ml-pnC.mim MIM/en-pnEqf.mim icons/ml-pnC.png icons/en-pnEqf.png -1

The need to have the right name to make ibus, ibus-typing-booster,
ibus-m17n find the icons.

There is still a problem that ibus-m17n does not find the icons, when
the floating panel is used, it looks like this:

Attachment: Screenshot-floating-panel.png
Description: PNG image

I.e. a cog wheel is shown instead of the icon (The name of the input
method is shown below because a tooltip containing that name is shown
when the mouse hovers over the icon).

The reason for this is the mixed case in the name of your input methods.

For example, if there is an input method hi-itrans.mim where the file

$ grep input-method MIM/hi-itrans.mim 
(input-method hi itrans)

Then the file name for the icon to use is constructed from the information
in "(input-method hi itrans)", i.e. this icon is used:

$ ls icons/hi-itrans.png 

Here we have everything in lower case. There is *one* input method
currently where the name of the input method contains upper case:

$ grep input-method MIM/sa-iast.mim 
(input-method sa IAST )

And the icon file searched for is:


In case of ibus-setup and ibus-typing-booster, one can use any mixture
of upper and lower case in the input method name and the correct icon is
still found. But for ibus-m17n I had to use a weird hack to make at
least an all uppercase name like in "(input-method sa IAST )" work, see
this commit:


This crazy hack makes all-lowercase and all-uppercase input method names
work for ibus-m17n, but still not mixed case. This has something to do
with camel-case variables names in the C-code of ibus-m17n and it would
be hard to make this work for mixed case. Instead of spending a lot of
time to add yet another weird hack to ibus-m17n, would you mind renaming
your input methods to only lower case?

I.e. instead of:

$ grep input-method MIM/en-pnEqf.mim 
(input-method en pnEqf)
$ grep input-method MIM/ml-pnC.mim 
(input-method ml pnC)

we could use the file names en-pn-eqf.mim, ml-pn-c.mim and the contents
“(input-method en pn-eqf)” and “(input-method ml pn-c)”.

That would make it easier for me as I would not have to fix ibus-m17n ...

I can make you a pull request for this if you agree.

Mike FABIAN <mfabian@redhat.com>

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