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Changes to m4/doc/m4.info [branch-1_4]

From: Gary V . Vaughan
Subject: Changes to m4/doc/m4.info [branch-1_4]
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 06:50:40 -0500

Index: m4/doc/m4.info
diff -u m4/doc/m4.info: m4/doc/m4.info:
--- m4/doc/m4.info:  Thu Mar 31 11:20:17 2005
+++ m4/doc/m4.info      Thu Mar 31 11:50:38 2005
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 * m4: (m4).                    A powerful macro processor.
-   This file documents GNU M4 1.4.2a.
+   This file documents GNU M4 1.4.3.
    Copyright (C) 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 2004, 2005 Free
 Software Foundation, Inc.
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
 names and email addresses can be found in the file `THANKS' from the
 GNU `m4' distribution.
-   This is release 1.4.2a.  It is now to be considered stable, future
+   This is release 1.4.3.  It is now to be considered stable, future
 releases are only meant to fix bugs, increase speed, or improve
 documentation.  However...
@@ -3120,81 +3120,81 @@
 Tag Table:
-Node: Top985
-Node: Preliminaries6984
-Node: Intro7710
-Node: History9324
-Node: Invoking m410250
-Node: Bugs17051
-Node: Manual18324
-Node: Syntax19695
-Node: Names20283
-Node: Quoted strings20661
-Node: Other tokens21251
-Node: Comments21473
-Node: Macros22141
-Node: Invocation22635
-Node: Inhibiting Invocation23451
-Node: Macro Arguments26602
-Node: Quoting Arguments27871
-Node: Macro expansion28681
-Node: Definitions29349
-Node: Define30126
-Node: Arguments30942
-Node: Pseudo Arguments32427
-Node: Undefine34283
-Node: Defn34950
-Node: Pushdef36112
-Node: Indir37953
-Node: Builtin38722
-Node: Conditionals39173
-Node: Ifdef39881
-Node: Ifelse40655
-Node: Loops42426
-Node: Debugging45703
-Node: Dumpdef46283
-Node: Trace47137
-Node: Debug Levels48522
-Node: Debug Output50912
-Node: Input Control51439
-Node: Dnl51977
-Node: Changequote53109
-Node: Changecom54480
-Node: Changeword55771
-Node: M4wrap58988
-Node: File Inclusion60197
-Node: Include60514
-Node: Search Path62449
-Node: Diversions63240
-Node: Divert64478
-Node: Undivert65615
-Node: Divnum67554
-Node: Cleardiv68104
-Node: Text handling69145
-Node: Len69868
-Node: Index70273
-Node: Regexp70865
-Node: Substr71963
-Node: Translit72590
-Node: Patsubst74040
-Node: Format76140
-Node: Arithmetic77636
-Node: Incr78084
-Node: Eval78595
-Node: UNIX commands81601
-Node: Syscmd82075
-Node: Esyscmd82796
-Node: Sysval83749
-Node: Maketemp84163
-Node: Miscellaneous84913
-Node: Errprint85285
-Node: M4exit86287
-Node: Frozen files87081
-Node: Compatibility92004
-Node: Extensions92625
-Node: Incompatibilities94988
-Node: Other Incompat95437
-Node: Concept index97607
-Node: Macro index107458
+Node: Top984
+Node: Preliminaries6982
+Node: Intro7708
+Node: History9322
+Node: Invoking m410248
+Node: Bugs17049
+Node: Manual18322
+Node: Syntax19693
+Node: Names20281
+Node: Quoted strings20659
+Node: Other tokens21249
+Node: Comments21471
+Node: Macros22139
+Node: Invocation22633
+Node: Inhibiting Invocation23449
+Node: Macro Arguments26600
+Node: Quoting Arguments27869
+Node: Macro expansion28679
+Node: Definitions29347
+Node: Define30124
+Node: Arguments30940
+Node: Pseudo Arguments32425
+Node: Undefine34281
+Node: Defn34948
+Node: Pushdef36110
+Node: Indir37951
+Node: Builtin38720
+Node: Conditionals39171
+Node: Ifdef39879
+Node: Ifelse40653
+Node: Loops42424
+Node: Debugging45701
+Node: Dumpdef46281
+Node: Trace47135
+Node: Debug Levels48520
+Node: Debug Output50910
+Node: Input Control51437
+Node: Dnl51975
+Node: Changequote53107
+Node: Changecom54478
+Node: Changeword55769
+Node: M4wrap58986
+Node: File Inclusion60195
+Node: Include60512
+Node: Search Path62447
+Node: Diversions63238
+Node: Divert64476
+Node: Undivert65613
+Node: Divnum67552
+Node: Cleardiv68102
+Node: Text handling69143
+Node: Len69866
+Node: Index70271
+Node: Regexp70863
+Node: Substr71961
+Node: Translit72588
+Node: Patsubst74038
+Node: Format76138
+Node: Arithmetic77634
+Node: Incr78082
+Node: Eval78593
+Node: UNIX commands81599
+Node: Syscmd82073
+Node: Esyscmd82794
+Node: Sysval83747
+Node: Maketemp84161
+Node: Miscellaneous84911
+Node: Errprint85283
+Node: M4exit86285
+Node: Frozen files87079
+Node: Compatibility92002
+Node: Extensions92623
+Node: Incompatibilities94986
+Node: Other Incompat95435
+Node: Concept index97605
+Node: Macro index107456
 End Tag Table

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