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Changes to m4/THANKS [branch-1_4]

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Changes to m4/THANKS [branch-1_4]
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 04:07:21 +0000

Index: m4/THANKS
diff -u /dev/null m4/THANKS:
--- /dev/null   Tue May  9 04:07:21 2006
+++ m4/THANKS   Tue May  9 04:07:21 2006
@@ -0,0 +1,72 @@
+GNU m4 THANKS file
+GNU m4 has originally been written by Rene' Seindal.  Many people
+further contributed to GNU m4 by reporting problems, suggesting
+various improvements or submitting actual code.  Here is a list of
+these people.  Help me keep it complete and exempt of errors.
+Akiko Matsushita       address@hidden
+Alan Magnuson          address@hidden
+Alexander Lehmann      address@hidden
+Amos Shapira           address@hidden
+Andreas Gustafsson     address@hidden
+Andreas Schwab         address@hidden
+Assar Westerlund       address@hidden
+Ben A. Mesander                address@hidden
+Bengt Mertensson       address@hidden
+Bernhard Daeubler      address@hidden
+Bjorn R. Bjornsson     address@hidden
+Brendan Kehoe          address@hidden
+David J. MacKenzie     address@hidden
+Erez Zadok             address@hidden
+Eric Allman            address@hidden
+Eric Backus            address@hidden
+Franc,ois Pinard       address@hidden
+Geoff Russell          address@hidden
+Greg A. Woods          address@hidden
+Hal Peterson           address@hidden
+Hoang Uong             address@hidden
+Ian Taylor             address@hidden
+Jason Merrill          address@hidden
+Jim Avera              address@hidden
+Jim Kingdom            address@hidden
+Jim Meyering           address@hidden
+Joel Sherrill          address@hidden
+John David Anglin      address@hidden
+Joseph E. Sacco                address@hidden
+Karl Berry             address@hidden
+Karl Vogel             address@hidden
+Kaveh R. Ghazi         address@hidden
+Kristine Lund          address@hidden
+Krste Asanovic         address@hidden
+Marion Hakanson                address@hidden
+Mark Seiden            address@hidden
+Matthias Rabe          address@hidden
+Michael Fetterman      address@hidden
+Michael L. Welcome     address@hidden
+Mike Lijewski          address@hidden
+Nick S. Kanakakorn     address@hidden
+Nicolas Pioch          address@hidden
+Noah Friedman          address@hidden
+Pete Chown             address@hidden
+Pierre Gaumond         address@hidden
+Pierre Mathieu         address@hidden
+Robert Bernstein       address@hidden
+Rene' Seindal          address@hidden
+Richard Stallman       address@hidden
+Roland H. Pesch                address@hidden
+Roland McGrath         address@hidden
+Scott Bartram          deneb!scottb
+Simon Leinen           address@hidden
+Skip Montanaro         address@hidden
+Stepan Kasal           address@hidden
+Stephen Perkins                address@hidden
+Steve Williamson       address@hidden
+Thorsten Ohl           address@hidden
+Tom McConnell          address@hidden
+Tom Quinn              address@hidden
+Tom Tromey             address@hidden
+Ulrich Drepper         address@hidden
+Vern Paxson            address@hidden
+Vivek P. Singhal       address@hidden
+Walter Wong            address@hidden

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