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[SCM] GNU M4 source repository annotated tag, cvs-readonly, created. cvs

From: Eric Blake
Subject: [SCM] GNU M4 source repository annotated tag, cvs-readonly, created. cvs-readonly
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2007 21:36:09 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU M4 source repository".


The annotated tag, cvs-readonly has been created
        at  41db854629587b17fcc70528009af37fcbaa459f (tag)
   tagging  f9d8c9ac448afd144085adb30ca5d23c3a0f1351 (commit)
 tagged by  Eric Blake
        on  Fri Nov 2 15:32:35 2007 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Point at which CVS was made read-only.

May be useful if you have diffs in an old CVS checkout from
cvs.sv.gnu.org:/sources/m4, and want to import them into a
git checkout.  Try the following to import those diffs into git:

git checkout -b from-cvs cvs-readonly
cp -R path/to/old-cvs-tree/m4/* .
git commit -a -m 'state of old-cvs-tree'
git rebase master

Akim Demaille (112):
      * config/Makefile.am, config/stackovf.m4: New.
      * config/gnu-obstacks.m4: New.
      More ignores, and fix some typos.
      * m4/evalparse.c: A better introductory comment.
      Perl out the trailing blanks.
      * m4/evalparse.c: A better introductory comment.
      Improve `make distcheck'.
      * configure.in: Require Autoconf 2.52.
      * config/gnu-obstack.m4 (M4_AC_FUNC_OBSTACK): Be sure `m4/' exists
      * m4/m4module.h (m4/list.h): Don't include it.
      * m4/builtin.c (m4_macro_define): Do not reset SYMBOL_TRACED.
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_hack_all_symbols, m4_lookup_symbol): Formatting
      * modules/Makefile.am (ETAGS_ARGS): New.
      Drop Autoconf 2.13 compatibility.
      Start using Autotest.  atconfig creation is still lacking.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Esyscmd): Fix the paths in the Vice example.
      others.at no longer depends on other-tests/.
      Remove the non Autotest tests.
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Promote proper quotation.
      Fix a serious problem with a patch application.
      More ignores.
      Really apply the patch ``Drop Autoconf 2.13 compatibility.''
      * tests/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Ship generate.awk.
      * tests/testsuite.at (AT_CHECK_M4): Anchor M4PATH in $top_srcdir.
      * tests/others.at (iso8859): Specify the path to the M4 test file.
      Use sprintf, not ecft and friends since it is standard, portable,
      * examples/include.m4: Typo.
      * m4/utility.c (m4_numeric_arg): Spell out the culprit.
      * config/atconfig.m4: New, until part of Autoconf per se.
      * config/atconfig.m4: s/EOF/ATEOF/, so that configure can be
      * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): 1.5.
      * tests/Makefile.am (CLEANFILES): Remove.
      Let the test suite use a wrapper around the not installed m4 to
      * tests/others.at (capitalize, changeword, comments, ddivert)
      * tests/Makefile.am (installcheck-local): New.
      * tests/others.at (indir): Formatting change.
      * tests/Makefile.am (installcheck-local): Don't use
      * examples/indir.m4, tests/others.at (indir): s/nonsens/nonsense/.
      * tests/generate.awk (normalize): s/@__@/@&t@/.
      * tests/Makefile.am ($(srcdir)/$(TESTSUITE)): Use autom4te's
      * tests/testsuite.at (AT_CHECK_M4): Don't pass -I, let the tests
      * tests/others.at (Freezing modules)
      * tests/others.at (changeword, ddivert, debug, esyscmd, exp, gmp)
      * bootstrap.sh: Create aclocal.m4 instead of modifying it.
      Improve the test suite's selfcontainedness.
      * src/main.c (MODULE_SHORTOPT, MODULEPATH_SHORTOPT): Remove, there
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_lookup_symbol): Give more details when reporting
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_symbol_lookup): Remove M4_SYMBOL_IGNORE,
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_symbol_lookup): Rename as...
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symbol_popdef, m4_symbol_delete): Rename as...
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_symbol_lookup): Remove M4_SYMBOL_LOOKUP.
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symbol_insert): Don't use `foo () || bar ()'
      Rationalize warnings, reporting the macro name as if it were a
      * modules/format.c (format): Have a bigger `str'.
      Add dist-bzip2 to Automake options.
      * src/main.c (main): Standardize --version.
      * configure.in: We now need Autoconf 2.52e.
      * modules/stdlib.c, modules/times.c: Misc cleanups.
      * tests/Makefile.am (package.m4): New.
      * config/gmp.m4 (AM_WITH_GMP): Rename as...
      Autotest has changed again.
      tests/m4 shall be position independent.
      * tests/m4.in: Don't use short options.
      Add configure signature.
      * tests/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): `m4' is not to be shipped.
      * modules/gnu.c (RE_SYNTAX_BRE, RE_SYNTAX_ERE): New.
      * tests/generate.awk: Remove debugging code.
      * config/gmp.m4: Consult the user before using GMP: use
      * tests/generate.awk: Tag the tests with `documentation'.
      * m4/utility.c (m4_bad_argc): Detail the mismatches.
      * modules/modtest.c (init_handler): Consistently output to stderr.
      * modules/gnu.c (m4_regexp_do, m4_patsubst_do): Extracted from
      * tests/Makefile.am: Adjust for gnuprog2.
      * m4/output.c (m4_make_diversion, m4_insert_file)
      * m4/utility.c (m4_bad_argc): Display user argument counts, i.e.,
      * m4/macro.c (expand_macro): Let m4_bad_argc handle the cases
      * modules/evalparse.c: Save translators' time: don't translate
      * m4/utility.c (m4_numeric_arg): Use the usual (argc, argv, ...)
      * tests/builtins.at (pushdef/popdef, trace, trace2, trace3): Move
      * tests/macros.at (Arity and defn): New failing test.
      * src/main.c, src/freeze.c, m4/debug.c, m4/input.c, m4/macro.c:
      * m4/ltdl.c: Update.
      * m4/input.c, modules/m4.c: Formatting changes.
      * m4/macro.c (expand_argument): Display where was opened what is
      * m4/input.c (m4_next_token): Display where was opened what is
      * m4/module.c, m4/output.c, src/main.c: Normalize error messages.
      * bootstrap (aclocal_apilibdir): New, to cope with Automake's new
      Fix the headers.
      * configure.ac: Automake 1.7.1, Autoconf 2.54, Gettext 0.11.5,
      * config/Makefile.am (ACLOCAL_MACROS): Ship the Gettext macros.
      Ship regex.m4.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Esyscmd): Don't grep, use something easier:

Eric Blake (281):
      whitespace cleanup
      * Makefile.am (doc/m4.1): Use EXEEXT on built binary.
      * THANKS: Update.
      * Makefile.am (doc/m4.1): Use $@, not $(srcdir)/doc/address@hidden
      * Makefile.am (doc/m4.1): Use $@, not $(srcdir)/doc/address@hidden
      * .cvsignore: Update.
      * configure.ac (LT_CONFIG_LTDL_DIR): Inform libtool which
      * Makevars (MSGID_BUGS_ADDRESS): Add.
      don't mention .cvsignore files, they are not distributed
      * modules/m4.c (WEXITSTATUS): Provide fallback definition.
      Avoid redundant commit mail
      * modules/time.c (ctime): Pass correctly typed variable to
      Avoid compiler warnings.
      * README-alpha: Update web address.
      * README (Patches): Document the current dependence on CVS
      * m4/output.c [HAVE_MKTEMP]: Gnulib provides mkstemp, so don't
      * Makefile.am (AM_CPPFLAGS):  Add $(LTDLINCL), so the right
      Allow `make dist' to work again.
      * Makefile.am (modules_mpeval_la_LIBADD): Readd $(LIBADD_GMP).
      Reduce compiler warnings.  Inside GMP, mpq_t is an array type, so
      * ltdl/m4/m4-error.m4 (M4_ERROR): Use M4_ instead of m4_ to avoid
      * configure.ac (M4_DEFAULT_PRELOAD): Fix typo in last commit.
      Follow recommendations from autoconf manual for autotest.
      * Makefile.am (doc/m4.1): Build in $(srcdir), to match where
      * m4/m4private.h (DELETE): Cast away const here...
      * Makefile.am ($(srcdir)/doc/m4.1): No need to list $(srcdir) in
      * Makefile.am (src_m4_DEPENDENCIES): Make dependency explicit.
      * THANKS: Update.
      * m4/module.c (m4__module_exit): Avoid ltdl memory leak.
      * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute gnulib-cache.m4.
      Fix all testsuite failures on cygwin.
      * configure.ac (AC_PREREQ): Autoconf 2.60 is now out.
      * tests/freeze.at (loading format 1): New file, with new test.
      * Makefile.am (doc/m4.1): Port patch from branch that avoids
      * src/main.c (main): Avoid compiler warning.
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with `gnulib-tool --import
      Update .cvsignore
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with `gnulib-tool --import
      Update .cvsignore
      * configure.ac (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump requirement to
      * doc/m4.texinfo (copying): Relax restriction on front-cover and
      * po/ChangeLog: Merge into main ChangeLog, then delete file.
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: gnulib-tool has changed again.
      * m4/m4private.h (DEBUG_MODULES, DEBUG_STKOVF) [DEBUG]: Fix
      * modules/format.c (format): Avoid compiler warning that str may
      * src/main.c (stackovf_handler): Document the problems in our
      * m4/system_.h (EXIT_MISMATCH): Define.
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_string_hash): Don't case-fold in the hash
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_string_hash): Don't case-fold in the hash
      Port idea from branch that a frozen file can request an unknown
      * src/freeze.c (reload_frozen_state): Copy string when creating
      * src/stackovf.c (setup_stackovf_trap): Port patch from branch to
      * configure.ac (AM_GNU_GETTEXT, AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Require
      * bootstrap: Recent gnulib no longer has jm_* macros to worry
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      * bootstrap (func_get_translations): New function.
      * bootstrap (func_get_translations): Only remove files when doing
      * src/main.c (usage): Document --import-environment.
      * po/POTFILES.in: Add more files that contain translatable
      * modules/gnu.c (includes): Assume stdlib.h, errno.
      * m4/macro.c (expand_macro): Move argument check...
      * configure.ac (AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE): Check for <sys/wait.h>.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Bugs, Manual, Syntax): Sync from branch.
      * configure.ac (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Bump automake requirement.
      Start porting various fixes from the branch that use gnulib.
      Update .cvsignore
      * doc/.cvsignore: Update.
      * tests/options.at (debug-flags): New test.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Quoted strings, Other tokens, Comments)
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Macro Arguments): Another section merged;
      * bootstrap: Run autopoint before gnulib-tool, since autopoint
      * tests/options.at (debug-flags): Update to reflect new message.
      Update .cvsignore
      * m4/m4module.h (M4_BUILTIN_GROKS_MACRO, M4_BUILTIN_BLIND)
      * m4/utility.c (m4_bad_argc): Move assertion out of hot path...
      * m4/m4private.h (m4_get_syntax_lquote, m4_get_syntax_rquote)
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Quoting Arguments, Definitions, Define)
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Undefine, Defn, Pushdef): More doc merges from
      * m4/utility.c (m4_warn): Factor "Warning" out of messages into
      * m4/m4.c (m4_create): Fix latent bug since 2003-10-08.
      Fix typo in last commit
      * m4/macro.c (expansion_level, macro_call_id): Change to size_t.
      * m4/input.c (lex_debug): Remove dead code that broke compilation
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Fix some typos.
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_debug_message): New prototype.
      * Makefile.am ($(TESTSUITE)): Revert patch from 2006-09-05...
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_peek_input): No longer export.
      * bootstrap: Kill unrelated copy-n-paste code from argument
      Fix installcheck.
      * tests/.cvsignore: Update.
      * tests/modules.at (AT_CHECK_M4_MODTEST): Use AT_CHECK_M4, for
      Add --safer option, per debian bug 5898.
      * modules/m4.c (traceon, traceoff): Change to Solaris semantics,
      * modules/load.c (modules): Rename to...
      * m4/debug.c (set_debug_file): Fix regression in -o when stdout
      * src/main.c (usage, main, DEBUGFILE_OPTION): Deprecate -o as
      Change the default of interactive sessions to match sh.
      * src/main.c (usage, OPTSTRING, main): Rename -e to -i.  Make
      * bootstrap: Add --force option, based on idea from coreutils.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Invoking m4): Add clarification on option
      Fix typo
      * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_HEADERS): Place <config.h> with other
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_symbol_print): New prototype.
      * modules/m4.c (m4_dump_symbols, errprint, m4wrap)
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with gnulib-tool --import
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_symbol_value_print, m4_symbol_print): Add
      * tests/options.at: Alphabetize the tests.
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with gnulib-tool --import
      * modules/m4.c (dnl): Include macro name in warning message.
      Update .cvsignore
      Even when not the first option, --help can't have side effects.
      Partially plug memory leak when unloading gnu module.
      Avoid all global variables in modules, so that --disable-static
      Update .cvsignore
      * tests/builtins.at: Alphabetize tests.
      * m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update to newer gnulib-tool.
      * modules/m4.c (m4exit): Merge from branch.
      * modules/m4.c (m4exit): Fix typo.  Ensure desired exit status in
      * m4/utility.c (m4_numeric_arg): Merge from branch.
      Replace uses of tmpfile with clean-temp, since tmpfile is
      Update .cvsignore
      * m4/output.c (cleanup_tmpfile): Exit nonzero on failure to clean
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_set_exit_failure): New prototype.
      * modules/gnu.c (gnu_buf): Rename from buf to silence -Wshadow.
      * m4/path.c (m4_include_env_init): Don't alter result of getenv.
      Trace improvements: debugmode(c) was always printing the last two
      * src/main.c (usage, long_options): Add --debugmode as an alias
      * m4/m4private.h (m4__next_token_is_open): New prototype.
      * m4/input.c (m4_print_token) [DEBUG_INPUT]: Modernize.
      * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_HEADERS): Name the template config.hin,
      * modules/m4.c (undivert): Merge from branch.
      * m4/input.c (file_clean): Don't close stdin twice, POSIX says it
      * tests/others.at (stdin closed): Update to match previous patch.
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Port some changes from the branch.
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with 'gnulib-tool --import
      * m4/system_.h (includes): Pick up <unistd.h> before checking for
      * tests/generate.awk: For ease of doc-writing, simplify selection
      * modules/m4.c (m4_make_temp, mkstemp): New functions.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (titlepage): Add myself as author.
      * tests/generate.awk (normalize): Update recognition of trailing
      * modules/m4.c (m4_make_temp): Change signature.
      * modules/m4.c (includes): Use safe headers even when configured
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Macro Arguments, Incompatibilities): Remerge
      * src/m4.h (includes): Add gettext.h, for N_.  Assume setlocale.
      * m4/system_.h (obstack_regrow): New macro.  Hopefully glibc will
      * src/m4.h (includes): Need <locale.h> after all; fixes
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_push_builtin): Add parameter.
      Convert diversions to list instead of sparse array, part 1.
      Convert diversions to list instead of sparse array, part 2.
      Silence -O2 -Wall -Wwrite-strings warnings.
      * Makefile.am (dist_pkgdata_DATA): Distribute recently-added
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with 'gnulib-tool --import
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update
      * m4/macro.c (expand_argument): Fix missing initialization.
      * bootstrap (gnulib): No longer a need to patch after gnulib-tool
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with 'gnulib-tool --import
      * modules/m4.c (m4_make_temp): Make safe across libtool.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update
      * m4/m4private.h (m4_get_symbol_value_module): Delete accidental
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Augment with 'gnulib-tool --import
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      * bootstrap: Update bootstrap requirement wording.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Errprint): Merge another doc node.
      * tests/builtins.at (m4exit): New test; failed on cygwin before
      * m4/output.c (cleanup_tmpfile, m4_insert_diversion_helper): Check
      Merge deferred handling of -D option from branch.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      * bootstrap: Validate that installed M4 is powerful enough.
      * HACKING: Update bootstrap requirement.
      * m4/macro.c (trace_format): Use canonical type name.
      One step closer to allowing C++ compilation - don't blindly
      Add several new command line options.
      * m4/resyntax.c (m4_regexp_syntax_encode): Avoid bug with signed
      Remerge sparse diversion handling from branch.
      * tests/builtins.at (esyscmd, syscmd): Redo, since spilled
      * bootstrap: Relax m4 requirement, thanks to...
      * HACKING: Mention GNU Software Directory update procedure.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Undivert, Divnum, Cleardivert): Merge more doc
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Fix some typos.
      * .cvsignore: Prepare for migration to git.
      * modules/m4.c (m4_sysval_flush): Flush stdin before exiting, as
      * src/main.c (main): Check for errors when closing stdin.
      * src/main.c: Fix missing include.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      * modules/m4.h (m4_sysval_flush_func): Adjust prototype.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Len, Index macro, Regexp): More section merging
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update to latest gnulib.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Operation modes): Avoid underfull hbox.
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_set_syntax): Change signature.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Changesyntax): Check for regressions with
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Substr, Patsubst): Merge more sections from the
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Format, Incr): More merges.
      * configure.ac (AC_SYS_LARGEFILE): Guarantee large file support.
      Revert over-large ChangeLog entry
      * m4/m4private.h (to_uchar): Move...
      * ltdl/m4/gnulib-cache.m4: Update for new year.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Fix a couple of typos.
      * m4/syntax.c (m4_set_comment): XCU ERN 131 was approved by
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Mpeval): Add tests.
      * tests/builtins.at (__m4_version__): New test.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update.
      Port patch from branch for stack overflow detection on BSD/OS.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update to latest gnulib.
      * src/freeze.c (produce_char_dump): Delete.  Replace with...
      * m4/m4module.h (M4_SYNTAX_ASSIGN): Delete this unused
      * m4/symtab.c (includes): Adjust to latest gnulib.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update to latest gnulib.
      * m4/resyntax.c (m4_regexp_syntax_encode): Detect allocation
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update to latest gnulib.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Input processing, Quoting Arguments): Beef up
      * m4/input.c (struct m4_input_block): Remove unused field traced.
      * tests/others.at (stdin seekable): Fix bug in test.
      * tests/options.at (--fatal-warnings): New test.
      * ChangeLog: Correct entry.
      * m4/system_.h (includes, EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_FAILURE): Adjust to
      * ltdl/config/.cvsignore: Adjust to latest gnulib.
      * tests/freeze.at (loading format 2): Augment test to catch
      * src/freeze.c (reload_frozen_state): Avoid dereferencing freed
      Re-enable clean bootstrap on cygwin.
      POSIX XCU ERN 118 was approved.
      POSIX XCU ERN 137 was approved.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Syscmd, Esyscmd): Merge more doc sections.
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Improve the indices.
      * m4/input.c (m4__next_token): Fix synclines when in batch mode.
      Exercise gnulib's new POSIX *printf modules.
      * ltdl/m4/.cvsignore: Update to latest gnulib.
      * AUTHORS: Update
      * m4/output.c (m4_output_init): Update to latest gnulib.
      * tests/builtins.at (__m4_version__): Fix bug when TIMESTAMP is
      * src/main.c (usage): Improve note to TRANSLATORS.
      Fix warnings from last commit.
      * modules/m4.c (numb_ratio, numb_divide, numb_modulo): Avoid
      Include <config.h> first in all C files, and not in headers.
      Address failure of 'seekable stdin' on Mac OS X.
      * tests/macros.at (Arity and defn): Fix quoting.
      * HACKING: Document policy behind 2007-04-07 patch.
      Address testsuite shortcoming in 'stdout full' on glibc.
      Enable autobuild usage.
      Work around 'stdin seekable' shortcoming on glibc.
      Don't test for broken sed too soon.
      Allow for running test in sticky or setgid directory.
      Test that regression in 1.4.9's eval doesn't recur.
      Work around cygwin and mingw fseeko bugs.
      Support POSIX flush semantics on all platforms.
      Provide consistent shift semantics regardless of hardware.
      * m4/system_.h: Include <stdint.h>, for intmax_t.
      Also run gnulib unit tests during make check.
      Fix large diversion corner cases.
      Fix sync line interaction with multiline comments.
      * tests/options.at (--syncoutput): Add xfailed test.
      Port format improvements from branch.
      Add extension to divert builtin.
      Match Free Software Directory categories.
      * modules/format.c (format): Avoid undefined behavior with %c.
      Upgrade to GPLv3, and document 1.4.10.
      Reflect upstream license .texi changes.
      * po/POTFILES.in: Track recent translation additions from gnulib
      Fix 'make distcheck' issues.
      Fix diversions on NetBSD, when fopen(name,"a+") seeks to end.
      Normalize all GPL license notices.
      Adjust to gnulib xstrtol changes.
      Documentation improvements.
      Another upstream xstrtol change.
      Wrap lt_dlhandle in struct m4_module.
      * AUTHORS: Simplify, to match libtool and autoconf layout.
      More conversion to m4_module*.
      Add refcount builtin.
      * AUTHORS: Fix typo.
      Create .gitignore alongside .cvsignore.
      Borrow idea from autoconf testsuite.
      Optimize for Autoconf usage pattern.
      Another Autoconf usage pattern optimization.
      Document quoting pitfalls in capitalize.
      Ignore some more files.
      Cache regex compilation for another autoconf speedup.
      Fix regexp regression of 2007-09-29.
      Fix 'm4 -F file -t undefined'.
      Never let printf failures go undetected.

Gary V. Vaughan (238):
      Resynchronise with my local tree.
      Modularization of all builtins by extenstion of libm4.
      * config/ltmain.sh:  This needs to be checked in to match the
      mv m4.c main.c
      * po/POTFILES.in: List files in their new positions.
      These files are generated, and needn't be in CVS.
      * configure.in: Figure out whether to use the installed
      * m4/Makefile.am (libm4_la_LIBADD): New magic -- we are
      * src/main.c (main):  It is now safe to
      * modules/perl.c (builtin_perleval):  Use PL_na for
      * po/POTFILES.in: Take account of these file movements.
      Should have been cvs rm'ed a while back...
      * m4/ltdl.c: Upgraded to latest bleeding edge version again.
      Clear up the file droppings from a cvs -nq up.
      * m4/Makefile.am (libm4_la_SOURCES): Removed obstack.c, since it
      * configure.in (--with-modules): Changed semantics.  This
      * src/main.c (main): Fixed a particularly nasty bug is
      Remove generated files from CVS.
      * tests/other-tests/changeword.test: New test.  Rudimentary
      Move the implementation of GMP support for the mpeval() builtin
      Consolidate the myriad of dispersed test scripts into the
      * TODO: Updated.  Removed some cruft that has since been fixed
      * TODO:  Removed m4exit bug.
      * modules/format.c (format):  Formatting for %f was not
      * ChangeLog:  Cleaned.  Gettextize has a stutter
      * src/main.c (main): Fix improper uses of error (missing format
      * doc/m4.texinfo: Fix some typos, and apply some small
      * src/main.c (main): Add `-b' (for `batch') mode switch to force
      * src/main.c (main): Use lt_dlinsertsearchdir to prepend -M
      * bootstrap: Rewritten to play nicely with Autoconf 2.5x.
      * acconfig.h: Removed.  No longer required.
      * m4/m4module.h (obstack.h): Choose between installed version
      * config/ltmain.sh: Doh!  Import again for a quoting fix that
      m4_modules are no more, we use lt_dlhandles directly and let
      * m4/module.c: Fixup some errors in the description comment.
      * tests/generated-tests/.cvsignore: Deleted, so that 'cvs up -Pd'
      * tests/generated-tests/.cvsignore: Deleted, so that 'cvs up -Pd'
      * bootstrap: revert my last patch.  commited from the wrong directory.
      * config/debug.m4 (M4_AC_CHECK_DEBUGGING): Cleaned up.  Don't test
      * c-boxes.el: Deleted.
      Ansify the source.  Previously we had a mix, where my code was
      * m4/system.h [cygwin*]:  Thanks to Paul Sokolovsky and
      * bootstrap (generate.awk): Generate test cases with new script.
      * tests/generate.awk: When making substitutions to "@&t@", either
      In an attempt to moderate my egomania...
      The experimental `changeword' feature never took off, and has
      * tests/m4: Don't call the m4 wrapper script with libtool, it
      * src/Makefile.am (m4_SOURCES): Don't list $(M4OBJS) here, since
      * m4/m4private.h (SYMBOL_NEXT): Move into m4's name space; renamed
      The shadowing mechanism and, infact, the whole symbol table
      * m4/hash.c, m4/hash.h: forgot to cvs add these files.
      * config/debug.m4 (AC_LIBTOOL_COMPILER_OPTION): Provide a fallback
      Bootstrap will now work with Libtool 1.4.1 or higher:
      * TODO: Remove the items that have been addressed already.
      Fix the obstack.h problem once and for all!  At configure time we
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symtab_remove_module_references):  Renamed as
      Revert my last patch... too fast on the commit button, will try again in 
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symtab_remove_module_references):  Renamed as
      Get rid of m4_symbol_lookup_t entirely.  With Akim's earlier
      * m4/m4module.h, m4/builtin.c, m4/symtab.c:
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_bucket_insert): Symbol shadowing is no longer
      * m4/m4private.h (struct m4_token_data): Simplified by removing
      The `traced' flag needs to be attached to the definition of a
      More cleanup.  After the last patch, m4_symbol holds nothing but
      * m4/evalparse.c: Moved to...
      * config/gmp.m4 (AC_ARG_WITH): Removed.
      * TODO: stackovf.c is basically broken.
      * configure.in: Moved to...
      Reverted my large patch for removing the old m4_symbol
      Reinstate the memory handling improvements from the patch I just
      * configure.ac (TIMESTAMP): Display with AS_BOX at configure
      * configure.ac: `rm -f $m4_getopt_h' was lost.
      * bootstrap: Remove aclocal.m4t when it is no longer required.
      * configure.ac (--with-modules): Forgot a comma in the
      * modules/gnu.c (m4_macro_table): Display the timetamp when
      The trace semantics now attach the trace bit to a symbol name.
      Rather than forcing each builtin definition to manage its own
      * modules/gnu.c (m4_regexp_compile): s/%0/%s/
      * m4/input.c (init_builtin_token):  Renamed from init_macro_token,
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symbol_destroy): This function calls
      * bootstrap: s/configure.in/configure.ac/
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symtab_hash, m4_symtab_cmp): Moved from here...
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_resize): New function.
      * bootstrap (aclocal_apiversion): The aclocal apiversion is
      Preparations for refactoring syntax tables to allow reverse
      These changes were necessary to get m4 to build on my iBook
      * m4/input.c: Updated various bitrotted comments.
      * m4/macro.c: Format changes.
      Begin preparations for supporting formal parameters in m4 macros.
      First cut at formal parameters in macros.
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symbol_popdef): Need to pass the hash address to
      Getting rid of the annoying bug with configure --enable-debug,
      * README: Remove references to --enable-changeword, which has been
      Refactoring modules to rationalise the API into an external
      More refactoring to stabilise the module api, this time for
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_apply): Pass an initial hash table parameter
      Begin work on lifting the curse of the global variables.  To start
      Further refactoring to stabilise the module API.  Renaming some
      Still refactoring furiously.  This delta represents a change in
      Tidy up style of hash.[ch] in accordance with doc/STYLE.
      Renamed some of the types and their accessors to make more sense.
      Tie down the interface to libm4 some more.  Make more structures
      Two related changes, and a huge knockon effect throughout the
      * m4/hash.c (m4_hash_resize): ifdefed out.  This function is
      * m4/module.c (m4_set_module_macro_table)
      * doc/STYLE: Added notes on callback naming schemes.
      Move the global variables that pertain to syntax to a new `struct
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Eregexp and Regexp): Typo.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Changesyntax): Document Dollar syntax class.
      Conform to POSIX if the POSIXLY_CORRECT environment is set.
      * NEWS: Note `$' syntax class.
      * m4/input.c (CHAR_EOF, CHAR_BUILTIN, CHAR_RETRY): These token
      Change the macros for checking syntax so that matching against
      More refactoring of the m4module.h API.  Replace #defines with an
      * m4/m4module.h (program_name): Not used by modules at all, so
      * m4/m4module.h: Reformatting and rearranging lines a bit.
      An experiment: There is loads of code in libm4 which should be in
      Create an export table in modules/m4.c in readiness for beefing up
      Sometimes exporting the address of a symbol from a module isn't
      Aside from auditing path.c for m4module.h api obfuscation, this
      * m4/m4module.h (M4_DEFAULT_NESTING_LIMIT): This value is
      * m4/utility.c (dumpdef_cmp): Removed stale declaration.
      * m4/m4module.c (m4_string): Moved from here...
      Libltdl already has an excellent mechanism for accessing C symbols
      * tests/Makefile.am (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Now we can pass make
      * config/debug.m4 (M4_AC_CHECK_DEBUGGING): Don't AC_REQUIRE a
      * config/gnu-obstack.m4 (M4_AC_FUNC_OBSTACK): Use the interrim new
      Still cleaning up the users' module API, by taking out the stuff
      * configure.ac (AC_HEADER_STDBOOL, INCLUDE_STDBOOL_H): Check for
      * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add tests/atlocal.
      * config/gmp.m4 (M4_AC_LIB_GMP): Use AC_INCLUDES_DEFAULT:
      * config/debug.m4: `perl -pi.bak -e 's/(Copyright) (d)/$1 (C) $2/g'`
      * m4/stdbool_.h: New file from gnulib for systems without their
      * m4/system-h.in: For consistency with the gnulib imports, renamed
      * m4/gnu-obstack.h: Updated from CVS gnulib.  For consistency with
      * bootstrap: CVS autoreconf leaves file droppings.  Remove
      GNU M4 currently builds with a number of files adapted from
      forgot to cvs add this file in the last commit
      Migrate the obstack support into the gnulib directories for easy
      * config/Makefile.am: Reverting yesterdays patch for VPATH builds.
      We can't mirror the gnulib directory structure here, since we need
      The gnulib obstack module requires the gnulib gettext module for
      * config/m4-obstack.m4 (m4_FUNC_OBSTACK): D'oh! Now that we wrap
      * bootstrap: Revert 2003-09-04 patch now that CVS autoconf and
      * gnulib/m4/Makefile.am (MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Typo
      Import the error and progname modules from CVS gnulib.  Our old
      Import the xalloc module from CVS gnulib, along with its
      Reimport the latest xalloc module from CVS gnulib, and adjust the
      Replace the xstrzdup code by importing the xstrndup module from
      * gnulib/m4/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Removed malloc.c and
      * gnulib/m4/regex.c, gnulib/m4/regex_.h, gnulib/config/regex.m4:
      * configure.ac (pkglibexecdir): Don't try and set it here, PACKAGE
      * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove config/Makefile.
      Forgot to commit this file with the last patch
      new file
      reduce noise
      Replace the getopt code with CVS gnulib getopt.  The source files
      * gnulib/m4/strtol.c, gnulib/config/strtol.m4: Import strtol
      * doc/STYLE: Document the gnulib header naming conventions, and
      * gnulib/m4/regex.c:  s/<regex.h>/"regex.h"/ or else the compiler
      * bootstrap: Separate options.
      * gnulib/m4/exit.h: Import exit module from CVS gnulib.
      * gnulib/m4/version-etc.c, gnulib/m4/version-etc.h: Import
      forgot this file in the last commit
      * Makefile.am (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Search in the new acm4 and
      Don't use XMALLOC and XCALLOC.  Once we install the
      Tru64UNIX perl is sloppy with namespace pollution.  This patch is
      * tests/modules.at (modules: importing): Edit the generated stderr
      * tests/modules.at (modules: importing): Apply some lateral
      * tests/module.at: Comment typo.
      The import script was not written properly, and the last gnulib
      * configure.ac (AC_LIBTOOL_TAGS): Don't include shell code for
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symtab_create): Fix a careless use of sizeof.
      * gnulib/acm4/libtool.m4, m4/ltdl.c, m4/ltdl.h: Reimported from
      * modules/Makefile.am (pkglibexec_LTLIBRARIES): Remove perl.la
      * configure.ac (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Require 1.7g...
      * config/mkstamp: Updated from CVS libtool.
      * config/mailnotify: New file for mailing commit notifications,
      * gnulib/import: Now updates makefile fragments, and configure.ac.
      Tweaking to enable compilation with latest CVS libtool and
      Latest CVS libtool can preload modules in libraries, including
      * gnulib/*: Don't store any of the gnulib files in arch, as they
      * src/main.c: Include gnulib files from the correct directory.
      * m4/m4.c (m4_context_field_table, m4_context_opt_bit_table):
      * configure.ac (INCLUDE_STDBOOL_H): Account for gnulib's move
      * TODO: Add qindir requirement, and defn bug.
      * tests/Makefile (clean-local): Only run the testsuite cleanup
      * tests/Makefile (clean-local): Ignore testsuite cleanup
      The FSF are moving offices today.  Changed their contact address
      Gnulib has changed again.  Reimport.  Adjust.  Rinse.  Repeat.
      * tests/stackovf.test: Use tempfile if available.
      * m4/output.c (m4_insert_file): Don't assume errno has a valid
      * src/main.c (print_program_name_CB): Preserve errno, since
      * m4/m4private.h: Make errno visible for the sources patched
      Forward port of a patch that allowed m4-1.4.2 to compile on
      * src/m4.h (__CYGWIN__, WIN32): Canonicalise Windows and Cygwin
      * ltdl/m4/m4-getopt.m4 (m4_GETOPT): Synch with gnulib/getopt.m4.
      * Makefile.am (src_m4_SOURCES): Add version-etc-fsf.c.
      * configure.ac (gl_MODULES): Add assert to support a
      * src/m4.h (EXIT_SUCCESS, EXIT_FAILURE): Removed.  These are
      * configure.ac (gl_MODULES): Add mkstemp for machines that don't
      Since most of the build is handled from a single Makefile.am now,
      * m4/symtab.c (m4_symbol_rename): New function that performs a low
      * doc/m4.texinfo (History): Add better notes on the ancestory of
      * bootstrap (AUTORECONF): New variable to allow user overriding of
      * ltdl/m4/debug.m4 (m4_CHECK_DEBUGGING): Make sure that both $rm
      * bootstrap: Allow user overriding of gnulib-tool location, and
      * bootstrap (func_update_po): Update pofiles directly from the
      * m4/module.c (caller_id): To match libtool-2.0 interface, changed
      * bootstrap (func_update_po): Test and set $WGETFLAGS to disable
      * bootstrap (func_update_po): Synch with CVS GNU tar.  wget 1.9.x
      * ltdl/m4/m4-getopt.m4 (M4_GETOPT): Update to take into account
      The regs_allocated field in a struct re_pattern_buffer refers
      update .cvsignore
      * modules/gnu.c: Put macro definitions into alphabetical order.
      * modules/gnu.c (substitute): Remove old warning for 0.
      * modules/gnu.c (m4_regexp_search, regsub, substitute)
      * src/main.c (usage): Alphabetize options within their sections.
      * tests/builtin.at (patsubst, regexp):  Adjust these tests, now
      * bootstrap: Enhanced to work more like our other scripts:
      * m4/m4module.h (m4_regexp_syntax_decode, m4_regexp_syntax_encode)
      * Makefile.am (TESTSUITE_AT): Add missing tests/freeze.at.
      * doc/m4.texinfo (Modules):  RMS asked me for an explanation of
      * bootstrap: Correct typo in --download-po argument parsing.
      Ensure M4 compiles correctly with -DDEBUG, and use a single
      * Makefile.am (stamp-vcl): Removed.
      M4 was designed to have a small number of header files defining
      Get rid of the last 'differs in signedness' compiler warnings:
      The translation project has moved.
      As gnulib xstrtol is only used by main, and unconditionally pulls
      Work around a bug in darwin's awk:
      * bootstrap (ltdl/m4/.cvsignore): Add xstrtol module macros.
      Be consistent about using 'module' for m4_module types and

Jeff Bailey (1):
      Initial revision

Paul Eggert (1):
      * ltdl/m4/m4-gnulib.m4: Update FSF contact address.

Stepan Kasal (3):
      wish execution stack; fix typos
      clarify the qindir example
      clarify the qindir example


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