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[Mailprobe-devel] Spring.Net Framework and MailProbe

From: Sami Dalouche
Subject: [Mailprobe-devel] Spring.Net Framework and MailProbe
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 15:46:55 +0100

Plop plop,

I just started the port of MailProbe to the Spring.Net framework.
Spring.Net looks really nice, seems to be bundled w/ AOP Support, Type 2
and 3 Inversion Of Control, etc.
Added to that, it's inspired by the well-known Spring (Java) framework,
and there's a lot of documentation.

However, I'm wondering about how to implement the pre-processor plugin
Indeed, before passing an email to the Bayesian-Markovian Calculator,
one should be able to specify any number of pre-processors that would
remove headers, etc to the e-mail. 
Do you think that an even-based system could do it ? Do you have any
idea of how to implement such a system ?
BTW, Spring.Net seems to support .Net events, so if we go this way,
using Spring's facility could help.

Sami Dalouche

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