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[MIT-Scheme-devel] binaries

From: Dan Starr
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-devel] binaries
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 09:44:36 -0500

Several ...

ITEM: I recently built MIT-Scheme on my two Macs: (1) an older G4 running OSX 3.9, and (2) a MacBook Pro running OSX4.10 (with an Intel Core Duo). In both cases, I did full blown compilation from the Portable C version. In the case of the Intel machine, I was able to get a build using the "binary" for Intel-Macs, and then merging in the "ucode" as per instructions. When I started up Scheme, however, I got an error. I apologize that I didn’t save it to present to you. I immediately rebuilt, again using the Portable C code, and so far have had no problems with it.

QUESTION: When using the Portable C version, is it necessary at all to install a binary first? I take it that the Portable C simply overwrites it if it’s there, no?

ITEM: Since compilation from the C code takes time, I’ve gotten in the habit of saving binaries of my own for subsequent rebuilds. That is, if I for some reason remove a program and want to reconstitute it, or repartition the disk after getting bad sectors ... as my dentist puts it, you know the drill. The dumb way for me has been to compress the entire build directory after doing ./configure, make, and make check. so ...

QUESTION: How should I best save my own binaries? Should I do the whole "make install" and then save the lib/ and bin/ directories? Is there a shell in there already that does this? Having done this, would you appreciate a PowerPC build, or a MacBook build? Would be a piece of cake.


-- devious dan

... The proof of the putting the carriage before the horse-feathers is in the eating.

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