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[MIT-Scheme-devel] ,a doesn't work well, tab completion

From: Frank
Subject: [MIT-Scheme-devel] ,a doesn't work well, tab completion
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 17:45:49 +0800
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When any error occurs, after putting ",a", the source code window doesn't resume.

And tab completion doesn't work well.
To MIT-Scheme developer: It might be a bug in MIT-Scheme.

Error occurs

The object nil, passed as an argument to string-ci=?, is not a string.

  0: [abort] Return to SLIME top-level.

  0: ;undefined _expression_
  1: (if make(not (and (string? string1) (string? string2))) (guarantee-2-strings/fail string1 string2 (quote string-ci=?)))
  2: (if (string? pstring) (string-ci=? *buffer-pstring* "COMMON-LISP-USER") #t)
  3: (pstring->env pstring)
  4: (emacs-rex socket sexp pstring)
  5: (with-simple-restart (quote abort) "Return to SLIME top-level." (lambda () (let ((in-temp (find-restart (quote abort))) (out-temp)) (shallow-fluid-bind (lambda () (set! out-temp (set! *top-level-restart* (set! in-temp))) #!unspecific) (lambda () (process-one-message socket 0)) (lambda () (set! in-temp (set! *top-level-restart* (set! out-temp))) #!unspecific)))))
  6: (start-swank)

I attached the log file.

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