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Re: [MIT-Scheme-devel] removal of top-level "TAGS" file

From: Chris Hanson
Subject: Re: [MIT-Scheme-devel] removal of top-level "TAGS" file
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 12:22:49 -0800

Oops. I had generated my own TAGS file there and was surprised when it tried to check it in. I should have looked at the original contents.

Go ahead and put it back.

On Feb 26, 2016 8:50 AM, "Arthur A. Gleckler" <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi, Chris.  In change e0429c04, "TAGS shouldn't be in
commit," you removed the top-level "TAGS" file.  Unlike
other "TAGS" files, that file was not a generated file.
Having it made it possible to do tags searches across the
whole source code tree at once, not just one directory at a

May I please restore it?


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