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Re: 11.0.90: make failed with unassigned variable current-filename

From: Chris Hanson
Subject: Re: 11.0.90: make failed with unassigned variable current-filename
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 13:20:05 -0700

You need to use 10.1.11 to do the compile.
On Jun 24, 2020, 9:31 AM -0700, Matt Birkholz <>, wrote:
On Ubuntu 20.04 (Scheme 10.1.10), after a thorough cross-compile, the
first plugin, X11, fails to build.
(cd x11 && make)
make[2]: Entering directory '/home/matt/Scheme/MIT-11/src/x11'
echo '(generate-shim "x11" "#include \"x11-shim.h\"")' \
| ../run-build --batch-mode
Error code 0x2 (unassigned-variable).
_expression_: 122
Environment: [environment from #(...) 0xf5ab88]
Return code: reenter-compiled-code

;Unassigned variable: current-filename

When I initialize current-filename to #f, I next hear from SF:
echo '(sf "x11-const")' | ../run-build --batch-mode
;Generating SCode for file: "x11-const.scm" => "x11-const.bin"...Error
code 0x2 (unassigned-variable).
_expression_: [control-point 0x1e7c648]
Environment: [environment from #(...) 0xfa8130]
Return code: join-stacklets

;Unassigned variable: top-level?

It seems that some compiled fluid-lets (in the subsystems?) no longer
tolerate unassigned variables. Both traps happen in swap! procedures
that appear to have been generated by that syntax.

Full details were attached, but caused my message to bounce last night.

In summary:
# Host: x86-64 10.1.10 mit-scheme
# Target: x86-64
# Config: --enable-cross-compiling --enable-debugging

In full:

Interpreted fluid-lets seem OK. I applied compile-procedure this
morning and got "Unassigned variable: *recursive-compilation-number*."

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