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Re: help with rb-tree/update!

From: JP de Vooght
Subject: Re: help with rb-tree/update!
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 11:24:24 +0100
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Thank you Taylor

All good now with rb-tree/update! - I was skipping the microcode compilation phase.

I use the source tarball, made by change to rbtree.scm then ran the sequence


./configure --enable-blowfish --enable-gdbm --enable-pgsql --enable-mcrypt


make install


On 11/19/22 17:18, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 16:49:05 +0100
From: JP de Vooght <>

The function invokes apply-fail as follows (apply-fail fail
'rb-tree/update!) but apply-fail is defined below with three arguments
(apply-fail fail key caller).

Could it be passing the key is missing from rb-tree/update! ?
Looks like a bug, yep.

If yes, how can I fix this myself for my local version of scheme? I
tried making the change and running / configure / make / make
install with no luck.
That process is supposed to work.  Can you share a transcript of the
whole interaction?  The script(1) command is helpful for this.

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