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[Mldonkey-features] new gui feature ..

From: Robert Reither
Subject: [Mldonkey-features] new gui feature ..
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:37:14 +0200 (METDST)

How about making a new gui feature which allows to view all known
names of a file while downloading too, not just after finished dl (ready 4 

This can help check if this file is known under different names, and maybe it's
a fake (in the last time i often find movies with fake names, e.g. 'Scorpion 
but it was 'The mummy 2'
(At the moment, i have to check this from the files.ini file)

Maybe it can also be possible to preselect the later commit name here too
(as well as showning this new name in the download list too)


Because u ask in your doc what download priorities should do, here some ideas:

Allow sorting in the gui by priority

High pri:
1) Give high pri downloads all the download rate they can get, till
   max_hard_download_rate is reached
2) priorice search 4 new sources for high-pri downloads (if not already enough)
3) Use a reduced cycle time to reconnect to source_clients(maybe use bust
   reconnects like done by resume command)

Low pri:
1) Don't try (re)connect if max_hard_download_rate is already (almost?) reached
2) Reduce new sources search attempts
3) reduce cycle time 4 reconnect (re)tries

Ah and i saw a bug msg that the own client is source to all downloads ..
This is true 4 me too !
I used the old client_md4 from v1.14 so i think this should not happen !
Looks like kind of a bug :)



PS: Keep on coding and have fun :)

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