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[Mlview-hacking] mlview 0.0.2 is out

From: Dodji Seketeli
Subject: [Mlview-hacking] mlview 0.0.2 is out
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 00:01:34 -0400
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Hi all,

MlView 0.0.2 is out.
It has taken quite a long time to come out.
Thanks to all of you who have tested it.

Here is an extract of the NEWS file included in the distro:

MlView 0.0.2 (2002-Aug 24)

This release is a major one since

Some major architectural modifications have been done to
make development on MlView more flexible and to enable adding
of new features easier.

This 0.0.2 version took four release candidates to come out.

Here is a summary of the changes.

changes over 0.0.2-rc4:
A couple of minor bug fixes.

Updated Japanese translation.
Updated French translation.

changes over

* MlView is now based on a Document/View architecture.
* you can open several views on the same document.
* you can rename the views.
* when validation is on, if you add an xml element, mlview automatically adds
the children elements and the attributes required but the dtd. I call
this feature "automatic-subtree-adding" feature.
* the mlv binary relies now on a shared lib called .
* some bug fixes
*As usual, I've added some new bugs but i don't remember where :)


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