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[Mlview-hacking] cvs hacktivity

From: Dodji Seketeli
Subject: [Mlview-hacking] cvs hacktivity
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 15:32:45 +0200
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Hi all,

I have pushed some bits into the CVS today.
The visible thing is the i18n bug that was breaking english UTF8 strings.
This is now fixed.
I have also commited some work-in-progress code about the
porting of the tree widget over gtk2.

ChangeLog linked within.

Wishing you all the best,


2003-08-03  Dodji Seketeli  <address@hidden>

        * src/mlview-tree-editor2.[ch]:
        ported/recoded a couple of functions for gtk2.
        * src/mlview-tree-editor.c (mlview_tree_editor_set_root_element): 
        fixed a smallish harmless bug here.     
        * src/mlview-node-type-picker.c: fixed compiler warnings here.
        * src/mlview-utils.c (mlview_utils_init_i18n): 
        fixed the i18 init bug that was breaking the utf8 strings.
        The init is now calls bind_textdomain_codeset (PACKAGE, "UTF-8").
        Thanks to Christophe Merlet<address@hidden> for spoting thing.
        * src/mlview-app.c: removed the pixbuf from the about dialog
        because it was too big. The about dialog now has a human size ;) This
        has been reported by Christophe Merlet<address@hidden>


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