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Re: [Mlview-hacking] Mview : information about network development of ml

From: Dave Malcolm
Subject: Re: [Mlview-hacking] Mview : information about network development of mlview
Date: 05 Aug 2003 14:04:40 +0000

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 12:19, fabrice inconnu wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> At the beginning, we developed the network support
> based on libxml librairy. But after reflexion, it s
> better to use a librairy that can provide an abstract
> support for network, that why mlview should use
> Gnome-vfs librairy, with it, we don t care about the
> kind of the URI, it can be FTP,HTTP or local,
> Gnome-vfs know how to manage each kind of connection.
> Feel free to contact me, for any information or
> recommandation.

I'm experimentally using GnomeVFS within Conglomerate
(  It's very much a hack at the moment, so I don't
really support the case where you start having entities from xml files
that are siblings within a tarball archive.  But this could be
implemented.  If it is, we probably ought to share this code between
mlview and conglomerate.

Another possibility for tarballs is to use libgsf (see GNOME CVS).  
Jody Goldberg recommended this approach to me at GUADEC, but I haven't looked 
into properly yet.

Dave Malcolm

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