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[Mlview-hacking] MlView 0.6.0 is out

From: Dodji Seketeli
Subject: [Mlview-hacking] MlView 0.6.0 is out
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 08:37:32 +0200
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User-agent: Mutt 1.4i

Hi, I have finally decided to release a MlView 0.6.0 .
A lot needs more to be done but I hope this release will bring us
more feedbacks.



- A lot of new languages support.
  Namely: Azerbaijani (Metin Amiroff) 
          Czech (Miloslav Trmac), 
          French (Christophe Merlet, Gael Chamoulaud), 
          Malay (Hasbullah Bin Pit), 
          Dutch (Vincent van Adrighem),   
          Brazilian (Evandro Fernandes Giovanini), 
          Serbian (Danilo Å egan), 
          Swedish (Christian Rose), 
          Catalan (Jordi Mallach), 
          Spanish (Pablo Gonzalo del Campo),
          Japanese (Takeshi AIHANA), 
          Polish (Artur Flinta), 
          Portuguese (Duarte Loreto).
- A better handling of i18n in general (me, Christian Rose, Christophe Merlet).

- Initial port over GNOME2 (strider, Fabrice Plat, me) . 
  A couple of widgets
  GtkCList based widgets still need to be re-written over the new
  GtkTreeModel/GtkTreeView framework though.

- New tree editor based on GtkTreeModel/GtkTreeView. (me).
  This widget supports
       + Drag'nDrop based cut/copy/paste of nodes
       + element/attributes edition directly on the tree.

- Better node search capabilities. (me)

- code cleanup and architecture enhancements (me).


- various crashes fixed (me) .

I would like to thank all the various people who contributed.




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