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[Mustux-devel] Big changes in Mixer/MustuxAudioDeviceMapper

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: [Mustux-devel] Big changes in Mixer/MustuxAudioDeviceMapper
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 18:01:54 -0200
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wow... I am facing huge problems of coding-design, so I am really cleaning 
everything up in Mixer/MustuxAudioDeviceMapper

The biggest changes...

- Slice/SubClip classes are deprecated. I am implementing the called 
dynamic-slicing technique, since it offer the possibility of "some" edition 
DURING playback (like, moving clips, delete them, and so on...)

- Mixer and Recording engines are beign merged into Mixer . There will be ONE 
mixer engine for each song (1 to 1)

- device == soundcard
  subdevice == bus

so , for example, a sound blaster has 1 PCM device, with 2 buses (left and 

  This way, some methods in MustuxAudioDeviceMapper will be renamed. 
open_device will become open_bus, and so on...

- I am already implementing duplex support, as a natural consequence

- The core-mixing routine will work with 32 bits sums, so it is easier to 
prevent clipping/saturation. Due this, track gain/pan will be computed BEFORE 
filter chain, as most professional audio tools do.

- There will be a BUS filter chain (aha... you liked it huh ? ;-)

- Definetly, for a given song, files / recordings will have to have same 
bitdepth (only 16 for a while, but 24 or 32 in the future). No 8 bits support 
will be given. It makes the code to be slower, at the cost of supporting a 
non-professional audio quality.
Also for a given song, there will be only one sample rate. But clips/audio 
sources made in smaller sample rates will be resampled to the song's sample 
when imported to it.

Thats what I am working on, guys. Dont expect things working in 0.17.0, since 
MANY new bugs will be introduced...



Best Regards
Luciano Giordana - Musician - Certified Java/GNU C++ Developer - Free Software 
Project Mustux -
-- Once Palladium is up and running , I will become a hacker --

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