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Re: [Mustux-devel] conflicts with not propper uninstalled files?

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Mustux-devel] conflicts with not propper uninstalled files?
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 21:39:19 +0100
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> hi, again.

Thats a fast again ;-)

> I also tried to uninstall protux and libmustux and searched afterwards for
> files that remains on the machine and was successful:
> address@hidden protux-20050202]$ locate protux
> /usr/local/share/protux
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins/CVS
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins/CVS/Root
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins/CVS/Repository
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins/CVS/Entries
> /usr/local/share/protux/plugins/README
> /usr/local/include/protux
> /usr/local/include/protux/StaticEditor.hh
> /usr/local/include/protux/PluginLoader.hh

Hmm, there seems to much to be copied :-(
Needs to be fixed indeed.

> address@hidden mustux-20050202]$ locate mustux
> /usr/local/bin/mustux-config
> /usr/local/share/aclocal/mustux.m4
> /usr/local/include/mustux.h
> can this cause some problems?
> because the intermediate release works fine so far, but cvs just ...

There is a strange problem with the new card/bus detection code, unfortunately 
the check I build in to automatically fall back to the old detection routine 
doesn't work

I set the detection routine to the old way in the intermediate release to 
avoid this kind of problems :-)

Hmm, well throw this code away in

 if (MustuxAudioDeviceMapper::probe_devices() == 1)
  printf("Detected devices via MADM::probe_devices()\n");
  devicesDetected = true;
  printf("Failed to detect buses via MADM::probe_devices(), trying 
MADM::init() instead....\n");
 if (!devicesDetected)
  if (MustuxAudioDeviceMapper::init() < 1)
   PERROR("Failed to find a soundcard with valid buses\n");
  printf("Detected devices via MADM::init()\n");

and replace with:


Now it should work again ;-)

Thanks for your never stopping bug reports haha :-P


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