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[Mustux-devel] time to invoke [K]>K, [K][K]UD, [K]>ARROWS ????

From: Reinhard Amersberger
Subject: [Mustux-devel] time to invoke [K]>K, [K][K]UD, [K]>ARROWS ????
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 13:15:31 +0100


I would like to suggest you to think about invoke such actions mentioned above, 
since I personally don't like to use F5 and F6 for history stuff; it's not 
intuitive IMHO

Since we talk about a history I would like to use the H-key for that (I think 
this will not collide with the Help action).
btw - the help window could be shown automatically at every start of protux 
like the "kde-tip of the day-help" for example?

especially the arrow combinations could be used for other stuff like suggested 
in this bug report:

or to make more accurate adjustments on edges, for example.
also positioning of the Working edge could be much easier using [W]>R_ARROW, 
or [W]>D_ARROW could be used to jump to the closest edge on the track below, 
or the number collector could be used in addition like n..<W> to jump n.. edges,
or n..[W]>R_ARROW to jump by n.. edges as a default value every time an arrow 
wil be hit,

IIRC one argument against arrows was that the hand would leave the mouse, but 
that wouldn't be a problem IMHO ... I think there would be more advantages in 
the end ....

RFC! and happy discussing ... :-)

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