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[Mustux-devel] lac 2005 summary

From: Reinhard Amersberger
Subject: [Mustux-devel] lac 2005 summary
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:12:54 +0200

hi guys,

it's again a great pity that we cannot managed it to meet us at lac ...

hopefully we can manage this next year, because 99% are talking about jack stuff
and __much too less__ people talking about mustux related stuff although people 
are very
impressed when I talked with them about jmb and show them the benefit 
when they __would__ use it, but finally they want/need to use more jack apps 
in addition to protux!

so I consider that protux would attract much more interest when it could be 
talk to jack!!

protux could be used then to add the soundtrack to a movie using xjadeo, for 

I don't know how much work this will cost, but I think this would be an 
important issue 
to bring protux more to the public.

also the hardware detection problem would be solved then (correct me when I'm 
totally wrong!!)
since I heard again problems when multiple soundboards are installed 
(for example: if an soundblaster live AND another pro-audio-multi-track-board 
are installed
 only the sb live will be detected by MADM)

so, please guys, I would suggest to resume the jack-or-not discussion again!
this should not mean that you should drop your idea of having an own sound 
but rather this should be kept for the future!! 


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