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[Mysql-sr-lib-dev] MySQL general purpose stored routines startup

From: Giuseppe Maxia
Subject: [Mysql-sr-lib-dev] MySQL general purpose stored routines startup
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 16:23:24 +0100
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Greetings all.
I have not written here for quite a long time, although you may have seen 
going on in my blog.

The main reason for this post is that the library is now in very good shape, 
and, I may say,
ready for prime time and for growth.

What happened:

1) Documentation
The library user's guide appeared in my blog, in seven parts

general concepts:
more on arrays:
for each loops:
syntax helpers &
named parameters:

2) each module has now a testing unit, which cover, hopefully, all library 

3) Thanks to the testing units, I found and fixed several bugs, and thus 
decided that the
library is mature enough to climb from 'pre-alpha' to 'alpha' stage.

4) Thanks to the completion of the documentation and the testing units, I am 
ready to announce
my rules of acceptance for new modules, i.e.
  - the candidate routines must be installable with out errors in a reasonably 
clean environment;
  - the routines must be grouped in a text file, in a format executable by the 
command line client
  - there must be at least a minimum documentation (reference docs) covering 
the usage of each
  - there must be at least a general description of the group of routines 
(users guide)
  - there must be a testing unit for the candidate module, preferably using the 
    described in the above mentioned article on testing.
  - There must be an explicit release of all files under the GPL or a 
comparable license.

Following these developments, I believe we are ready for an announcement on 

Comments, as always, are welcome


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(_|| | |(_|><  The Data Charmer

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