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[Nhproxy-discuss] Re: slashem proxy interface

From: m m
Subject: [Nhproxy-discuss] Re: slashem proxy interface
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 00:53:08 +0000

If you go for the simple case of a PHP app that uses the nhproxy library to do the communication with slashem and the re-encodes the requests into XML for the javascript client, then "all" you need is to design XML equivalents for the NhExt protocol and implement them.

I've been doing a bit of further research and thinking, and am more inclined to think that a further layer is, if not required, at least going to make things a lot easier.

The main problem with php being the main engine is that it is none stateful - it would need to come up with clever ways to keep the slashem process running while it stops and start at each server request. So having a further layer will handle this limitation. I am thinking a 'game deamon'. Something like this

  1. user launches browser, starts a new game
  2. javascript sends a xml packet to the php module to ask for a new game
  3. php module connects to 'game deamon' requesting new game
4. game deamon starts a slashem instance, assigns an id, does all the initialisation, then sends the screen to php (keeping a copy in memory) 5. php sends the screen as xml to javascript module, along with session id
  6. javascript module displays screen, waits for input
7. input made, javascript sends xml packet to php module (along with session id) 8. php module communicates packet contents to game deamon (either sends the xml directly on, or translates to another protocol if prudent) along with sesison id 9. game deamon translates the packet to the relevent messages to the game assiciated with session id, recieves return packets and builds the new screen. It then sends the differences between the new screen and old to the php module.
 10. php module sends the screen updates to the javascript module
 11. javascript module updates the screen changes, and awaits for input
 12. goto 6

So the php module becomes little more than a middle man, at most translating between an xml packet for javascript, and a more efficient method for the game deamon. Indeed, it seems to suggest that it is not needed at all, and the game deamon could handle the http elements itself and do away with the need for php (and apache etc.) all together, but at later stages the ability to add extra management features in easily with php makes it a more desirable feature (user management, old scores etc.)

The javascript module is, and should always be, simply 'display x tile at y, x' and 'send z key'.

Apologies if this all sounds a little fuzzy, I've got a pretty good idea in my head on how it will work, but perhaps not articulating it too well at this point. It doesn't change the immediate tasks though, which is still to get a proof working. I've got the big 'advanced programming in the unix environment' book of the shelf and am looking into RPCs, but I fear without a more directed approach I could take quite a few wrong turns, so a trivial example would be great.

In the meatime I will get the latest cvsup and do some more reading up on it.


There are quite a few issues that will need addressed, but primarily I'm aiming to get a proof of concept done, to make sure it is technically possible (I see no reason why not atm). Once that is done, the practicalities can be addressed. This is mainly as a learning project for me, so I'm not too worried if it turns out to be unfeasible and needs to be dropped :)

My first set of steps is to get familar with the proxy code, so my tasks are

  [1] compile slashem with the proxy interface - done
  [2] run the proxy interface tests - done
[3] Write a quick C app to show it working (launch slashem and demonstrate it has recieved and sent a message)

[3] is the bit I am stuck at at the minute, though I think by hammering away at the test code for the proxy module I may be able to piece it together. However, any suggestions are very welcome :)

First, make sure you're using the development branch of slashem and either cvs nhproxy or at the very least version 0.9.

I'll see if I can find some time to write a complete trivial example. The existing one in the nhproxy manual is a little _too_ trivial! Alternatively, you could look at gtkhack as a rather non-trivial example.



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