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[Nss-mysql-devel] Solaris patch

From: Kevin W. Brown
Subject: [Nss-mysql-devel] Solaris patch
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 03:29:22 -0500 (EST)

Hey everybody!

I've been looking for an NSS module for Solaris that uses a MySQL
database.  Unfortunately, one doesn't exist.  I ran across your nss_mysql
package a few hours ago, and I decided to port it to Solaris.  I've
created a preliminary patch that makes it compile under Solaris 2.6.  
Where should I post it?  Should I send it to this mailing list, or submit
it through the patch interface on your Savannah page?

The problem with this patch is that it breaks compiling on Linux.  I could
modify the patch with some #ifdef's to make it compatible, however the
configure script needs to be modified to test whether or not nsswitch.h
exists and put an appropriate #define in config.h.  I don't know how to
do this, as I've never messed with autoconf before.

Additionally, configure currently builds a Makefile that includes -lz on
the LIBS line.  Solaris doesn't have this library, and it's not needed to
compile.  configure needs to check to see if this library exists...

       Kevin W. Brown      | 2975B Manchester Rd. | E-Mail: address@hidden
 Quantum Internet Services | Manchester, MD 21102 |  Voice: 410-239-6920

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