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Re: [Nss-mysql-devel] Solaris patch

From: Guillaume Morin
Subject: Re: [Nss-mysql-devel] Solaris patch
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:12:59 +0100
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Hi Kevin,

Dans un message du 17 mar à 20:39, Kevin W. Brown écrivait :
> OK.  Here's what I just tried:
> ./configure --with-mysql-include=/usr/local/mysql/include
> --with-mysql-lib=/usr/local/mysql/lib --sysconfdir=/etc
> I got the following error:
> configure: error: /usr/local/mysql/include/mysql.h is not an existing file

Hmm, it is due to an inconstency between the automake part and the code
itself. I've fixed it in the CVS. Could you try with the latest version
(with the same configure line) ?


Guillaume Morin <address@hidden>

     Tu veux que les gens réagissent ? Alors commence par réagir (Lofofora)

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