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Re: [Nss-mysql-devel] RedHat 8.0

From: eric
Subject: Re: [Nss-mysql-devel] RedHat 8.0
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 17:43:02 -0400
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Here is all I can find related to logging in
proftpd[9622]: ([]) - FTP session opened.

this is from messages log file as we do not have an auth log
when logging in with ftp you enter the username and password and then it just 
hangs awaiting authentication.

when logging in via ssh nothing is in the logs.
the ssh session hangs untill you abort it, never makes it to the password 

I can authenticate as a regular user this is only a problem when dealing with 
nss-mysql users.

Quoting Guillaume Morin <address@hidden>:

> Hi Eric,
> Dans un message du 09 Jun à 17:21, address@hidden écrivait :
> > After updating my redhat 8.0 system using up2date nss-mysql no longer
> > works.  I can still do things like id username, chown etc but I can no
> > longer login via ssh or ftp nor can I su to a nss-mysql user.
> Anything in your auth log ?
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> Guillaume Morin <address@hidden>
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