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[Nss-mysql-devel] [support #102362] with nss-mysql "su" freezes

From: nobody
Subject: [Nss-mysql-devel] [support #102362] with nss-mysql "su" freezes
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 16:17:28 -0400
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Support Request #102362, was updated on Tue 08/19/2003 at 20:17
You can respond by visiting: 

Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: with nss-mysql "su" freezes

By: nextsux
Date: Tue 08/19/2003 at 20:17
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I have a problem with nss-mysql. I'm using gentoo linux
(latest release). When I compile and configure
(corectly I think :)) most of things works OK. ie.
getent passwd/shadow (returns all accounts on the
system including those in my mysql DB) id <username>
(even user in mysql db) returns correct info about this
user. but "su - <username>" just freezes. when I strace
it, it looks like this (lnovy is my test user):
read(3, "23

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