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[Nss-mysql-devel] Re, Help From You

From: Sandy Zuma
Subject: [Nss-mysql-devel] Re, Help From You
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 01:10:08 -0700 (PDT)
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Help From You

>From Mrs.Sandy Zuma
Address=No 33 Silverton bay Silverton
Pretoria South Africa.
Email= address@hidden
Phone= 27 73 188 0290


With due respect, trust and humility, I write this letter to you seeking
your help and assistance,

Though its difficult since we have not met before, I got your good contact
from the network online while browsing through website of business
opportunities in your country. I believe that you are capable and reliable
in handling this urgent international transaction of this sort. I am
Mrs.Sandy Zuma, the wife of the comrade Brother Mr.Ben Zuma, the
Zimbabwean former Minister for Youth & Gender Equality who is also a
businessman and politician, in the Zimbabwean political arena. My husband
was the famous politician who stood firm against President Mugabe, s idea
of continuous fight In Democratic Republic of Congo and my father also
stood against the seizure of white owned farms and the distribution of it
to the blacks without compensation on to the white owners. Because of my
husband’s Sincerity he was killed on 14th April 2004 by a planned motor
accident from dissident soldiers suspected to have the backing of the
Government and President Mugabe himself.

Because he did not die immediately and during the course of his treatment
before he died he managed to call me and my son Nicolson Zuma through of
one of the net care officials taking care of him. When we got there he
managed to sneak a written message to us, explaining his condition and
also a written note concerning  a $20M funds he deposited in the
only a foreign appointed trustee/beneficiary of a NON SOUTH AFRICAN ORIGIN
has the power of claims and that no money will be deducted from the
PRINCIPAL SUM until it gets to the account of the beneficiary overseas and
that the only officer who knows about it is Dr Philip Nosipo who is in
charge of private deposit/escrow accounts in the international Remittance/
foreign operation Department of the SABA Bank.

He also intimated us of some other vital documents that were meant for his
Political campaign in the next election. My husband instructed me to take
my son and my two daughters Salome & Angela Zuma  to leave Zimbabwe
immediately for our safety, which we have successfully done and now we are
in South Africa were the money is deposited with the bank. Because of the 
immigration laws which bars asylum seekers/ refugees like us to operate
any bank account and the fear of the money not raising eyebrows here in
South Africa and the contents of the DEPOSIT AGREEMENT , I decided to
write you seeking your help for this money to be transferred into your
private bank account since you are a foreigner as all arrangements for a
hitch-free transfer have will be fully taken care of by our financial
adviser and the director in charge. And I want to assure you also that
this transaction is 100% risk free as no other person knows about this
deposit apart from my son and I.

As for your reward for your expected assistance we have resolved to go
into partnership with you as soon as the money is transferred to your
nominated account or bank overseas and you will also take 20% of the total
amount, 5% will be used to offset any expenses that might be incurred in
the course of this transaction, while the remaining 75% will be kept for
my family and for the investment with you.
  If you are willing to help us I will then give you the deposit code and
all other relevant documents which you will use to put claims to the
bank as the beneficiary so that the bank can process the transfer to
your account without further delays. Please try as much as possible to
reach me us ONLY through this our private email
(address@hidden) to enable us proceed in earnest towards
concluding all transaction modalities or you can give me a call through
my son which is (27 73 188 0290).  Bear it in mind that our lives solely
depend on this life time fortune that will be transferred into your
account, and I do hope that the money will be safe when transferred in
your account. And please keep this transaction very confidential and to
yourself self alone to avoid complication until we conclude.

Thank you for your expected co-operation and God bless
Best regards,

Mrs Sandy Zuma.
For the family

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