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[Nss-mysql-devel] Email Marketing in the Middle East

From: Layla Snow
Subject: [Nss-mysql-devel] Email Marketing in the Middle East
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2007 15:17:48 +0330

Dear Sir/Madam,

(You can read this message in arabic : http://www.coolwb.com/arabic.htm)

Are you seeking for more customers? Does your website need more visitors?  We 
have an extraordinary offer for you.

We have a large database of email addresses covering more than 150 countries 
from Middle East to South America.

We can help you to send mass advertising emails so thousands of people around 
the world can know about your website, your business or your campaign.

Here is the list of our middle east email addresses :

$            Bahrain 37,421 Email Addresses for $59.00  

$            Iraq 78,471 Email Addresses for $59.00                       

$            Kuwait 76,943 Email Addresses for $59.00   

$            Jordan 73,682 Email Addresses for $69.00 

$             Lebanon 101,320 Email Addresses for $69.00 

$             Oman 73,441 Email Addresses for $59.00   

$             Qatar 78,258 Email Addresses for $59.00   

$             Saudi  Arabia 84,152  Email Addresses for $59.00   

$             Syria 69,003 Email Addresses for $59.00   

$              Turkey 157,521 Email Addresses for    $99.00  

$              UAE 78,414 Email Addresses for  $69.00  

Please visit our website's middle east section for more information  : 

You can also see the details of available email lists in other parts of the 
world here  : http://www.coolwb.com/index2.htm

Best Regards,

Marketing Department
Email : address@hidden 
Website : http://www.coolwb.com
CoolWb Company

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