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(no subject)

From: 3Z41qzAUC
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Sat May 5 06:42:02 2001

We all need to connect with ourselves, create a quietude that allows us to 
listen to our
inner voice. To expand our consciousness and communicate with our family, 
friends and
environment in more meaningful ways.

Argo Dream Brew - "Be an Argonaut Journey into your Dreams"
Dreaming is a connection for us all to a deeper understanding of self. Argo 
opens the
energy channels to the pyschic self, relaxes the body and conscious mind, then 
offers an
impetus towards lucid dreaming and dreamscaping.

Discover all the "Tools for Travel Within" at http://burntheherb.com

Constellation Herbs, Inc brings together the "Tools for Travel Within" to help 
those connections. With marijuana and hashish alternatives, Argo Dream Brew, 
the best
incense for everyday and special occasions and herbal teas to help soothe and 

Eridanus - You too can discover cosmic flow with this most effective coalesence 
of rare
and exotic herbs. Eridanus has a mellow stoning effect while opening pathways 
to self
awareness, creativity and focus. A very pleasant smoke.

Discover all the "Tools for Travel Within" at http://burntheherb.com

Herbal smoking blends, brews, teas and scents similar to those offered by 
Herbs, Inc have been used by humans for thousands of years to help nudge the 
body, mind
and spirit into a more harmonious state. It's important for many of us to 
connect with
and continue that common thread to our past. Allowing ourselves the opportunity 
loosen the hold modern society has on us and reach out and touch the cosmic.

Please take a few moments and visit our site at http://burntheherb.com and 
discover the
full line of  "Tools for Travel Within". It's important to know that we still 
alternatives that are legal, effective and affordable. Or give us a call at
1-231-352-7806 for our free catalog.

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