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Re: Nurture your Spirit

From: David O'Toole
Subject: Re: Nurture your Spirit
Date: Sat May 5 11:57:04 2001

Sorry :-) I guess an occasional spam is getting through.

For those who will be in New York City this weekend, my friend Ariane and
I will be playing a show at Level X. (details at www.opiatenyc.com).

I'll provide beats and music, ariane will once again do her kicking live

At the end of this coming week I will have finished all my final exams
etcetera. Except for graduation ceremony on the 19th I am basically gonna
work full-time on getting to 1.0 with Octal. (The last group of releases
was during school time, so expect more speed here :-).

So, this summer should be pretty exciting. We've had great ideas
contributed and lots of good feedback on the API and system. Now
everything else falls into place with a complete implementation :-).

can't wait! will be looking forward to working with Luka/Unkargherth/Matt
and all the machine developer folks (hopefully they will have more free
time in the summer as well) and to all the potential users (soon to
become real users)

my apologies to southern-hemisphere people who are now going into winter,
not summer :-) but it's nice and warm up here.

On Sat, 5 May 2001, Ross Litscher wrote:

> Does it come with an Octal machine of sorts?    :/
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