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Re: Latest version ?

From: David O'Toole
Subject: Re: Latest version ?
Date: Sat May 26 17:09:01 2001

> I'm currently trying to port Octal project under Cygwin (a unix-like
> environment for windows).

First let me say, thanks for your interest in Octal! Please offer as much
feedback as you can... I may be able to help the porting process go more
smoothly. Keep in mind the device output code API is not final.

> So:
>  - The latest version I've found is 0.0.95, is this correct ?
>  - If not, where can I find the latest source files ?

The latest sources are in the GNU CVS repository at savannah.gnu.org.
There should be some access instructions on the Octal home page
(http://www.gnu.org/software/octal) on how to check out a local copy.

However, I will be releasing some new code this week (and I plan to make
weekly releases throughout the summer) so I can up a tarball up for you if
you don't have CVS access.

>  - I've found, on sourceforge site, a machine named 'Pan'. Why isn't it
> included in 0.0.95 release ?

The sourceforge CVS repository holds several machines in progress... for a
number of reasons, machine development is done in a different repository
from the core... mainly because it's very easy for people to set up
accounts on sourceforge, and also so that updating one machine won't cause
you to have to download a whole new Octal. (The machines included with
Octal are API examples, they're not really meant to be used in any songs.)

The Pan machine you saw is in the file release area that isn't currently
being used... mostly because the mixer will have a built-in pan function.

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