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Re: Sequencers

From: Francis James Whittle
Subject: Re: Sequencers
Date: Fri Aug 30 09:09:02 2002

Interesting vision, I like these ideas...  Have some comments.

I may be barking up the wrong tree (perhaps in an entirely different forest) here, but
Here is my sequencer vision..

A sequencer type has a specific data format and an API for access and
manipulation of its elements (such as notes). The data is converted
into events at playtime. So the sequencers are event generators.

That makes almost perfect sense. Hell, you could even write an entire object model on that paragraph. One minor thing though ... not just "sequencers" -- in their classical sense -- but more kind of "event propagators", a sequencer being a type, piano roll another, et c.

The editors are separate plugins but they use the APIs of the particular sequencers. Because of the GUI code, the editors are platform dependent while the sequencers are not. One type of sequencer data could be edited
with any editor supporting it. Most editors are probably
sequencer-specific, but nothing says that an editor couldn't support
several sequencer types. I don't know..

Don't see why the editors should be platform dependant, but anyway...
This idea would seem to be better placed as tieing an editor in with a propagator, and having extensions on both for similar types, or something like that.

There is also a "container" sequencer type which allows placement of data segments (what do you call them generally, patterns, blocks?) of all kinds of sequencer types, and perhaps simple samples. They can even be nested
recursively! If there is a "main sequencer" it could be of this kind.

Sorta' like callbacks in ui coding, only not quite, you mean? A "container" sequencer that has an event attached calling another... Sounds useful. An event could include Using a model like this, we could get into some really great event-driven stuff, that can be used to create some really complex sounds including live input, even network-run jam sessions (Relatively low bandwidth, too) -- other apps too! .oO(Pressing the accelerator in your vehicle sim triggers an event in the octal backend for a truly dynamic engine noise). Of course, that's if we want to take it that far...

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