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Off topic?

From: Avelino
Subject: Off topic?
Date: Mon Sep 9 07:10:02 2002

Hello, group.
        Many months ago i sent an e-mail to the group, sugesting to
develop Octal using 2 separate executables: a front-end and a back-end.
Is that topic discarded?

        I think that it is not a good idea to join dsp code with gui code.
Why not use two separate executables and communicate them with a message
queue, for example? I remember that Dto mentioned some kind of unix pipe
(Is this correct, Dto?)
        By this way, we could develop even a curses frontend! 8-)

        Thanks, sorry about my english and sorry about my insistence (i
love linux console :-)


                Avoid the GATES of hell, use Linux.

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