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Re: state of development

From: David O'Toole
Subject: Re: state of development
Date: Thu Sep 12 22:36:03 2002

> I'm curious what the current status is; is it still in design or has 
> implementation started?
> Any rough estimates when something will be available for testing?

The implementation has done this so far:

* a working audio engine with some very basic plugins (square wave,
* header files / specifications for plugin API
* the signal routing and plugin control GUI (but no sequencer yet)

All of these were working alpha versions. Two major developments are
about to hit the codebase: the new MIDI-like sequencing model and the
use of Objective-C. The latter should speed things up considerably. The
primary reason things got slow is that I was a full-time graduate
student and TA----not only did I have less time, but after working with
elegant languages like Smalltalk and Standard ML I began to find
object-oriented C somewhat distasteful :-). I was tired of using "class"
and "object" as design patterns :-).  

The webpage has been updated, things are moving. 

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