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Parameter group duplicating

From: Vectrex
Subject: Parameter group duplicating
Date: Fri Sep 13 00:15:01 2002

Just like to mention an idea for putting in a provision for machines to be able 
to duplicate groups of parameters. What I mean would be similar to what some 
machines do now by putting some things like the lfo in the track section so the 
user can add more tracks to get more lfo's. This is really a hack so it'd be 
to have this done properly for octal. I heard that the machines will probably 
be able to group parameters into windows explorer style groups so (if the 
allows it) it'd be nice to right click on the group name and add a duplicate. 
This adds a nice amount of flexibility in what machines can do without going 
too nuts 
with modular stuff. If you have no idea what I'm talking about fire up buzz and 
add tracks to the ld0d jacinth. It's great because it starts nice and simple 
just one lfo/env section, but you can add upto 16 in the track section! But 
this gets REAL messy in buzz

Cameron Bonde

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