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[Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #65057] Byte-code interpreter is not compatibl

From: Hendrik K
Subject: [Octave-bug-tracker] [bug #65057] Byte-code interpreter is not compatible with the pythonic package
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2023 03:00:31 -0500 (EST)

Follow-up Comment #6, bug#65057 (group octave):

But if one starts really using pythonic with actual (large) data, it seems not
to work in certain cases.
Sample below produces a core dump.

function ret = test2();
  pkg load pythonic;
  py.sys.path.insert (int32 (0), pwd());

  x = py.numpy.sqrt(py.numpy.arange(1000000));
  x = py.numpy.reshape(x, pyeval("(1000,1000)"));
  y = reshape(double(py.array.array("d",
  disp("Test2 execution finished.");


Test2 execution finished.

>> test2()
warning: auto-compilation of pyobject failed with message classdef
constructors are not supported by the VM yet
warning: called from
    subsref at line 53 column 7
    test2 at line 3 column 3

--> core dump

Interesting is, that if the array size is smaller (e.g. 100x100), octave does
not crash with the byte code interpreter.


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