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many questions

From: Philippe DELAVALADE
Subject: many questions
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 19:19:50 +0200
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Hi everyone,

I am new on this list but I'm also new to Debian gnu/linux and oleo ;
so I have some questions ob newbie :

1) in my info on oleo, there is a node called '.oleorc' but it is empty ;
   in /usr/share/oleo/oleo.html
   there are some lines but it's very "light".
   Where can I find an example and doc on that ?

2) being a frenchman (that's why my english is so bad), I'd like to use
   accents ; how is it possible to obtain that kind of characters,
   for instance 'É' ?
   with emacs this commes with 'alt-201' ; may be, in .oleorc, is it possible
   choose a characterset ?

3) in the doc, I find something about mysql ; I tried it but it didn't work ;
   I'm asked for password, username and so on and I don't know how to pass it.

4) the command 'M-C-p' to print in a file works with ascii but not with latex 
   although it should (cf. the doc).

Hoping that someone can understantd what I mean and can help me ...



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