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From: Sorrel Straube
Subject: Re: PHAfpjRMACY
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:56:43 -0400

A q M f B a I t E h N b
X g A h N j A x X v
V o A o L n I v U t M v $1 , 21
S x O w M s A m
M j E y R u I q D j I u A s
V a I z A k G v R o A m $3 , 33
C b I y A g L n I w S p $3 , 75
and many other ...

No time. Meditate on your own time, David Webb! I have no use for you, you weak, soft son of a bitch. Get away from me! I have to flush out a bird of prey Ive wanted for thirteen years. His claws are razor-sharp and hes killed too often, too many, and now he wants to kill my own-your own. Get away from me! Bloodstains. On the dull, dark brown carpet, wet driblets glistening

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