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[Oroborus-user] WIndow size problems

From: Chris
Subject: [Oroborus-user] WIndow size problems
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 21:00:52 +0000 (GMT)

Hi again list,

trying to get help once more, but on a more important problem. Hoping for 
better luck with replies :)

Just upgraded to a new machine and suddenly multiple applications are behaving 
really strange. The difference between my current machine and the old is that 
this runs amd64 and the old was on i386. The other difference is that I'm that 
new verions of the applications are installed (and xorg-7.5, not sure what I 
had on the old rig). 

Problem 1: Eclipse (Helios, 3.6.1) windows all have width 1 when appearing. 
I've added a lot of debug printfs to oroborus to print what's going wrong and I 
can see that when I get a MapRequest event (events.c:handleMapRequest and it 
goes on to client.c:clientFrame), the calls to XGetWMNormalHints and 
XGetWindowAttributes gives me structures like this (from my printing):

Window ATTR:
        override_redirect 0
        x=0 y=2668
        w=1 h=291 b=0
Window HINTS:
        minw=1 minh=291
        maxw=1 maxh=291
        baseh=0 basew=0

Obviously, it is telling oroborus to make a 1-pixel-wide frame (and max and min 
are also 1 pixel) so it does just that. But running the exact same command 
sequence in TWM gives a correctly-sized window, so something is fishy in 
oroborus. Also, the y-value is fishy as that's far outside my screen.
I've tried to trace around in the code and see if somehow there's some funny 
32/64-bit alignment issue with the structs that cause this, but haven't found 
anything yet. 
On my 32-bit OS with Eclipse 3.4, I didn't see this problem.
I've only investigated this issue on FreeBSD 8.1

My guess would be that there's something in oroborus that isn't 100% 64-bit 
compatible, but I've been unable to find what. It could be that the more recent 
version of eclipse is doing something unexpected, apart from the width/height/y 
above, everything seems ok.
This seems to be the same kind of issue as reported here: 

Any ideas on how to go forward with debugging this?

Problem 2: emacs-23 starts up partially outside of the screen (just above the 
top-left corner), and also it somehow becomes "always on top" even though 
oroborus doesn't have this feature, meaning I cannot get any otehr window to be 
placed above the emacs window. On Linux, the window also decided to be 
maximized initially under oroborus. The same here, the emacs window behaves as 
it should under twm, so I'm guessing something in oroborus.
When I uninstalled it and went back to emacs-22, the problem disappears and the 
window behaves as expected even under oroborus. But searching the web for 
others having this problem came up blank, so I'm thinking more oroborus than 
I haven't debugged this much as I've been focusing on the previous issue.
But I've seen this problem both on Linux (Suse something) and on FreeBSD 8.1
Any ideas here?

I would really like to continue using oroborus, but unless me or someone else 
can fix these issues, I'm going to have to find something else (which I really 
don't want to after a number of years using oroborus). So if anyone has ideas, 
let me know.

Btw, I'm running oroborus without any kind of desktop environment if that's any 



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