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[osip-dev] RFC 3263 - SRV Priority

From: Rudolf Svanda
Subject: [osip-dev] RFC 3263 - SRV Priority
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 21:55:37 +0100

Hi Aymeric,

I have a small problem with DNS handling in libeXosip. I have 2 account
and DNS server answers with 2 SRV records:

eXosip tries to contact sip1.example.com first and sends REGISTER. There
is no answer, so eXosip changes to sip2.example.com.
Than eXosip starts registering second account and sends REGISTER to
sip2.example.com too.

As I understand RFC, REGISTER of second account should be send to
sip1.example.com first and after no answer is received, it should be
changed to second server.

Additionally, is it possible manually to roll to next SRV answer? Our
customer implements load balancing with 500 or 503 answers, so I would
like to switch to next SRV server after receiving those responses. But i
think with the current implementation of DNS cache it would affect
future transactions too.

Thanks for answer.


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