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Re: [osip-dev] eXosip: cannot build REGISTER!

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: Re: [osip-dev] eXosip: cannot build REGISTER!
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:12:42 +0200

Hi Kuklin,

Silly me, the doc is wrong... The proxy parameter must contains "sip:"
I edited manually, the online documentation @antisip.com

Here is the good code:

rid = eXosip_register_build_initial_register (ctx, "sip:address@hidden", "sip:sip.antisip.com", NULL, 1800, &reg);

Tks for asking!

2015-04-30 21:02 GMT+02:00 Kuklin István <address@hidden>:
Hello there,

I have recently started to develop an application using eXoSIP and maybe
that's a dumb question, but do you have any idea on why does the
function below written in C fail for me?

(I'm sorry I've accidentally sent the mail before I was done)

rid = eXosip_register_build_initial_register (ctx,
"sip:address@hidden", "sip.antisip.com", NULL, 1800, &reg);

It gives me this error:
| ERROR | 1 <eXregister_api.c: 253> eXosip: cannot build REGISTER!

Of course, I've tried it at first with my own variables according to the
then I've noticed that it doesn't even work with the values in the

I've attached the problematic part of my code.

Thank you for your help!

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