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[osip-dev] is ortp transport independent

From: Austin Einter
Subject: [osip-dev] is ortp transport independent
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 08:34:05 +0530

I want to use ORTP in my application. I just looked at examples. Ortp expects to take socket fd and call send/recv apis of socket internally in ortp code.

Due to some constraint, I will not be able to pass socket fd to ortp.

I want to know

1) Can we use ortp in transport independent way (how osip works), meaning I will pass a handle to ortp, while ortp wants to send data out, call my callback and pass back handle to me

2) I see support for srtp and zrtp etc are removed from ortp-25 (latest version), whereas these were there in ortp-23 version. Why these are removed, is there any particular reason why it was done?

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